Sunday, January 02, 2011


Don't get used to me blogging so much, but I want to get all my 2010 FO's left overs over here as soon as possible. Same thing goes with Baby Maggie photos. She's growing up so fast, that I'm always behind with posting. Once I'm done with 2010 we'll go forward in a more leasurly pace.
finished Birdwing-2
This is my finished Birdwing. It was a test knit for Stephen West. He was supposed to get this pattern up in mid December, but I don't think he's got it out yet.
It was fun to knit, entertaining, and even the little sewing in the end did not matter at all. Usually I hate sewing knit fabric, but I didn't mind this time.
It's an unusual shape, and I'm not quite sure how to wear this. I'm not even sure I'll wear it myself, because of the yarn.

I've knit this shawl with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in the colors Tent, Woodsmoke, and Fossil. I really wanted to give this yarn a try, and got a few colorways at Purlsoho. They had more colorways to choose from, when I was looking.
The yarn is woolen spun, 2-ply, of which I'm not a particular fan of (I like worsted spun much better). It definitely is "airy", and kind of soft (not the baby bottom soft like Merino yarn), and I disagree with many, that it softens after washing, not enough for me to have it near my skin. The best thing about this yarn are definitely the colors, they are just wonderful, gorgeous really, and just for that I would knit with that yarn again, but most likely hats, mittens, and other stuff, which does not come near my neck.
I've still a few colorways in my stash, so it will come up again in the future, however, now that I've knit with this yarn, I don't think that I'll be looking for more, unless its prize is really, REALLY reduced.



hakucho said...

A very unusual, interesting design :) I bet it was fun to knit!

CelticCastOn said...

hummm good to know about the yarn. I'm still not sold on this design of Stephen's. Like you I'd have no idea how I'd wear it or where! heheh
More baby Maggie!!!

Sharon said...

Hmmm ... I'm not sure about the design, it's a little too 'fashion forward' for me.

You did a lovely job knitting and presenting, though.

Bibi said...

very so "victorian effect"?

Susan said...

I can see that little shawl being very practical. It would be the shoulder warmer when I'm knitting or spinning for instance when I don't want sleeves or a zipper in my way.

Beverly said...

While I find the construction interesting I'm not certain I would ever wear it.

Thanks for the yarn review. All the reviews have been raves so it is great to see one from a non-industry person.

Debbie said...

Interesting design, gorgeous yarn. Love it!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love the green in it!

monica said...

Neat design but like everyone else I'm not sure I'd be able to wear it either.

Thanks for sharing the baby Maggie pictures. She's adorable!! As are the other puppers!!

Virginia G said...

Your knits, as always are gorgeous, but I'm not sure how I feel about this pattern.

How was the Shelter to knit with?

2paw said...

It is unusual, not something I would every wear but I appreciate the colours and the design: it's beautiful.
I am hoping for some Baby Maggie photos as well!!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Like your review of the Shelter.
Me too. I wouldn't wear it near my skin either but I really want to knit a vest in it that will sit happily over a shirt. And tea cosies of course. Tea cosies to die for - yes they are beautiful earthy colours and I have started to marry the yarn with other yarns which brightens the Shelter hues a little.

Anonymous said...

Very cool design, though I agree with you... not sure how I would wear it!

I think Shelter is way too wooly to wear next to the skin whether it's mittens, hats or shawls. Only jackets would work for me, but I do have sensitive skin!

Michelle said...

Definitely not a design that I'd wear but it looks fun to knit. I have four skeins of the yarn in my stash but it's all "tourist" yarn so I didn't mind the price. Going to do some mittens for Jon soon so I can decide if I like the yarn or not.

Katha said...

this is georgeous. where could i get the pattern? greetings from germany