Friday, January 21, 2011

Handspun Friday - Hades

I was lucky to get this fiber from somebody's destash. It's From Southern Cross Fiber club fiber May 2010 - Hades - 80 % Polwarth 20% Tencel. I was not a member of the club then. I hope David is doing another two color combo in the future.
SCF-Fiber Club May 2010-Hades-80-20 Polwarth Tencel-115g-from destash

I had planned to spin it very thin, and navajo ply each of them for a specific project. While I was spinning along, it occurred to me, that I might not get enough yardage , since each bump was only 2 oz. I asked for some more in the SCF rav group, and I got lucky again. Once the second bag arrived, I changed my mind and 2plied the whole thing.
SCF-Hades-club May 2010-Polwarth-Tencel-2-ply-together total of 1172yds-2

I love these colors. I've always wanted to use them together in one project. It turned out a nice lace weight yarn, a total of 1172yds.

SCF-Hades-club May 2010-Polwarth-Tencel-2-ply-563yds-1 SCF-Hades-club May 2010-Polwarth-Tencel-2-ply-563yds-3

What I especially love about these yarns is, that they are not total solid colored. There are variations within.

SCF-club May 2010-Polwarth-Tencel-2ply-4oz-609yds-1 SCF-club May 2010-Polwarth-Tencel-2ply-4oz-609yds-3

The brown colored skein is 563yds, and the red skein is 609yds. I would have had more yardage overall, if Denny hadn't eaten some from both colors.
I can`t tell you how soft this yarn is, and shiny, thanks to the Tencel. I`m looking forward to knit with it.



I`m going to leave you with this Denny shot, and another story of his. The other day, I watched him licking the door of the crate where Maggie was inside. She was on the crate mat, on top of a baby blanket, chewing a bone. It`s always interesting to watch Denny, so I looked on for what came next.
He licked and licked, until he got his teeth on the baby blanket, which was just inside the crate door, not sticking out at all. As soon as he got a grip on it, he started pulling it, Maggie still chewing away on her bone, and finally he yanked three times, and the baby blanket was outside the crate. Maggie still chewing on her bone, Denny running away with his trophy, tail high, victoriously! In my wildest dreams I would never have guessed that this was possible. He always does things like that.


Wish you all a wonderful weekend!



Laurie said...

Literally laughing out loud at Denny's antics. And I love the doggie quilt - did you make it? Never thought I'd like Hades but...that fleece and the resulting yarn is stunning!

dclulu said...


knottygnome said...

ooh it's lovely! and i adore the doggy quilt.

Michelle said...

My very first SCF fiber is coming in the mail to me right now. I'm on the wait list for the club too but it's about a year out unless a whole lot of people drop out. Denny is just so cute!!!

Ann said...

Wonderful yarn and stunning colors. What you did not know, but what I can tell you is, that you do not want to knit from it! You will put it in the store so I can buy it!
Denny is a wonderfully intelligent dog!

Walden said...

Such a devious little man, good thing he's so cute!

Love the yarn, both color look great!

Beverly said...

Pretty fiber. It will be interesting to see what you make with this combination. Whatever you do will be stunning in this color combination.

Frieda said...

I love you new yarns , beautiful !

That Denny is a smart pup and quite a character ! I absolutely love his spotted paws and his white tipped tail , too cute ...

2paw said...

Denny is so clever and determined. I can imagine him trotting away with his prize!!

Delusional Knitter said...

That yarn is beautiful! Its amazing what animals can figure out, isn't it!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I really understand why you love these two skeins together. They are lovely! And so thin!!! Unbelieveable for a beginning spinner like me. Can't wait to see your project.
Yours, Julia

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn.

Wollgeflüster said...

Hallo Monika! Wow, das sind ja vielleicht schöne Farben!!! Außerdem betrachte ich gerade fasziniert, was für gigantische Zahnstocher es in Kanada zu geben scheint :-))!Denny sieht aus, als wäre er mit der Gesamtsituation durchaus zufrieden...
Grüße aus Dresden von Heike

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those colours look so warm and toasty!

Denny is too funny!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Beautiful colours.
Does he also pull the tablecloth off a table full of glassware, leaving the glassware intact?

Robin said...

Very pretty! Your plying is so even. I think mine is too loose. Denny is so cute!