Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Maggie Video

I think it's hilarious, how hard this little mouse turd is trying to catch up with Happy.

When outside she has only eyes for him, and she goes where he goes. Once she lost him, and ran around the pool, until she found him again. So cute.
And as for knitting news. I'm back at my whining stage with these socks.
Themes & Variations sock 1 in progress
I've become quite comfortable knitting with two colors, but these socks use 4 colors, but mostly 3 at a time. It's going not too bad considering, but I had to take a break and finally cast on for something I've wanted to do since some time last year.
Shell & Feather shawl- Jan. 11

It's a crochet shawl. It needs blocking for sure, but I think it's very beautiful. The pattern in the book is for a square shawl, but I'm doing it as a triangular shawl. More about it later, but so far I am having a good time with it. Took me a while to figure it out, but I did it.


Tired boys are good boys! They had a nasty fight this morning though, but so far no blood. It sounded quite terrible. Always giving me a scare.


knottygnome said...

the shawl looks lovely! can't wait to hear more about it.

i hear you on the multiple strands thing. it's not the most fun thing in the world.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Maggie is way too cute!

Can't wait to see the finished shawl

Jeanie Farley said...

I wish you could see the tilted head look my dog Sterling gives me everytime I play this video. Like he wants to join in on the race. I love reading about your dogs.

SeattleAmy said...

After a fight, the adrenaline takes anywhere from 12 to 20 hours to leave their bodies. This is why there is usually a second fight the same day and it's usually much more intense with way more damage.

My crew gets put intheir crates for a good 4+ hours (or for the night if it's in the evening) to prevent the second fight syndrome.

Monday evening I had a dust up - after the current 8 living with each other for a good 3 weeks without even a HINT of problems.

Kathy said...

oh, the socks are beautiful!

Michelle said...

Maggie is so cute. Happy looks like he was slowing down a little bit for her. The socks look good but I understand wanting something different to take the edge off.

CelticCastOn said...

awwww Maggie! Wait for me big brother!!
Now quit your whinning and get back to that sock, its lovely :)

Christy J said...

Socks are looking great. I hate working with more than 2 colors stranded at a time. I won't be queuing this pattern, but bravo to you!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

The MT is the cutest puppy that ever lived!!!! She'll be a beauty queen.

Your socks will be gorgeous ~ hang in there :)

Beverly said...

The socks look interesting. I'm currently knitting a sweater that uses 3 colors at the same time and I agree that it is a pain.

Can't wait to see the crocheted shawl.

The video is hilarious and pooh pooh on the fighters.

hakucho said...

Love the socks!

Carrie#K said...

Maggie is too cute! I love her barking "wait, wait, wait" at Happy the whole time.

The socks are cute but that crochet shawl is going to be really pretty.

Aw, such handsome boys. Hopefully their bark is worse than their bite.

2paw said...

hat is just the sweetest thing ever, she's crying because she can't catch up. And Happy isn't even running as fast as he can.
She's a darling!!
Beautiful socks, I just can't do the floats, I knit too tightly.
Crocheting?? Square to triangular? You're a daredevil.
Butter wouldn't melt in those boys' mouths. Look at them. They are wicked to frighten you though, but that's boys for you!!!

Rhonda said...

I love those videos.

Anonymous said...

I love the chase scene and the socks are great. Blue and yellow are my favorite colors together.


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

The videos a so great. Sitting here laughing aloud.

And the 4 colour stranding!!!!! How do you do that - can you point me to a how to video???? I am fairly recent to two colour stranding but have such plans.


Virginia G said...

Maggie is so cute!

And i can't believe how big Denny is. He's just massive.

The knitting looks great too! I like the socks. They look so delicate.

Robin said...

My German Shepherd used to LOVE the snow. She'd bite at it and absolutely loved to catch snowballs. Your knitting projects in this post and prior ones are so pretty!