Friday, January 07, 2011

Handspun Friday - Mixed Blessing September 2010

FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber club-Fall 2010-September 8oz-Falkland Wool-2skeins-total of 365yds-2ply-4

This is one of my favorite handspun yarns from last year. The fiber was club fiber from FatCatKnit's Mixed Blessings September 2010.

FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber club-Fall 2010-September 5oz-Falkland Wool-2 FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber club-Fall 2010-September 5oz-Falkland Wool-1

It's Falkland wool, 10oz. I made 8oz of it into 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn, 2-ply, and a total of 365yds.

FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber club-Fall 2010-September 8oz-Falkland Wool-2skeins-total of 365yds-2ply-1
I also wanted to see how it looked navajo plied, so with the left over fiber I made a little skein of 120yds (2oz), which can be found in my shop.

FatCatKnits-Falkland-2oz-navajo plied-MBFC Fall 2010-1-120yds

I like them both.
It's been snowing last night, and we've got about 10cm of fresh snow. The boys enjoyed it, even though it seems to be much colder today, because after not even five minutes out, they started to lift their paws. Nevertheless, they love it!
And Denny says, "Come play with me!"
Dec. 7-Denny

Dec. 7- Denny

Dec. 7-the boys

Have a wonderful weekend!


CelticCastOn said...

Coming right over Denny :)
Great action shot of them both and lovely handspun as always!

Virginia G said...

Ooh, that yarn is beautiful!

And I love the shots of the boys playing in the snow. Great photos.

Toby said...

Great photos of Denny! Those yarn colors (and my gosh the impeccable job you did spinning it!) are wonderful as well.

Michelle said...

I like those fiber colors. I decided to rejoin her club after seeing the different options for fiber types so I'm looking forward to the first shipment. Denny looks so sweet that you must have started playing with him right away!

lexa said...

We've got about an inch of snow that actually has melted off yet, so the dogs were liking that. By the sounds of our weekend forecast, though, I think they'll finally get some real snow on Sunday. I wish our yard was totally fenced in, though, so I could let them out to play together. They run away, so it's one at a time, or I take Maggie out on a leash, and they get all tangled up.

Linda said...

Inspiring yarn and gorgeous dog piccies! Its nice to catch up with your things again!

Freyalyn said...

Isn't it wonderful when they come in from their play cleaner than they went out? We had snow today so I and my two furries had a wonderful walk in the woods. Was Maggie watching through the window? You'd have lost her in that snow...

Carrie K said...

Boys. They're so cute but it looks so cold!

Mixed blessing spun up prettily.

Walden said...

Love that first picture of Denny! I would come play if I could!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

STOP tempting my to go play in your shop (but i guess it's only fair 'cause I keep doing it to you...) Love the last pic of the boys going in different directions!

Beverly said...

The snow is beautiful and the boys look like they are having a wonderful time.

2paw said...

Denny is so excited and having so much fun in the snow!! He does love to play, which is such a lovely thing!!

Carol said...

Nothing like a happy dog bounding about in the snow!

Marianne said...

Hi, I've been following you for years (won one of your giveaway contests as well as got a personal tutorial of the goddess doll! Anywhoooo...another question! I just knitted a hat for my granddaughter out of reynold's Blizzard (because that's my daughter's favorite and her request). She wants mittens to match, but the yearn is so bulky I'm having trouble finding a pattern for little 3 year old hands. Any suggestions? Thanks! marianne ps LOVE this granny square blanket. It reminds me of one my mama used for me in the car when I was little.