Monday, November 01, 2010


I've some hodge-podge to show you. I've got so many lovely things waiting for me to take them into my hands, and turn ithem into something beautiful, and as it often is, right now, I don't have enough time to do it all.
My dear parents sent me an early birthday present.
early birthday gift from my parents
It's the second of three magazines, published by Verena magazine, and it's choke full of sock patterns. I liked the first one from last year better, or I should say, there were more sock patterns in it, I would knit. This issue has lovely sock patterns too, but I'm not so keen on sewing stuff onto socks. Anyway, I'm quite happy to have it. Thanks!

YOL club-3rd installment-Koyo by Amy Swenson-1
Then the third installment (of four) of "Year of Lace September 2010" has arrived, a little late, but whatever. I love the yarn, and the pattern is nice enough. I think the main body of the shawl is lovely, but I don't like the edge that much. So, if and when I actually knit this shawl, I'm going to do a different edging, but most likely I'm going to use the yarn for something else.

I've cast on for Elphapa fingerless mittens (free pattern) designed by Valerie Johnson. The yarn is Wandering Cat Yarns Barn Cat SS "Sleepy Hollow", self striping yarn I was lucky to get one skein. I was going to make two pairs, one for me, and one pair for Hannah, but soon I realized, that the stitch pattern was very annoying to me. I love how it looks, but knitting it not so much. Soooooo, what to do? I didn't want to rip what I had already knit, and no way was I going to do two pairs. I've decided to leave the cuff, and knit stockinette from there on. I'm past the thumb hole, way up almost ready to start decreasing for the tip. Yes, I'm going to make a full pair of mittens, since I'm more likely to use them. Sorry Hanni, not this time. ;o) And orange/black is not really HER thing anyway.
Pigeonroof Studio-Regular Fiber Club-September 2010-Stormcloud-4oz sw merino-back
I've also got the first of three club installments of Pigeonroof Studio Regular Fiber Club fibers. I know already, that I will not renew this club. I wanted to give it a try, because I DO love most of her colorways, but I've got four other fiber clubs, which I love to be part of, and that's enough. This is 4oz sw merino, colorway "storm cloud". Lovely.

SAG Fiber Club October 2010-4oz Falkland-Ghosts & Gremlins
This is SAG fiber club October 2010, 4oz Falkland colorway "Ghosts & Gremlins". I love this colorway, and it's currently on my wheel. I'm going to spin it as a real 3-ply sock yarn, with one ply natural white merino.
And not to forget the pups. Before we have snow (we had snow fall yesterday, but it didn't stick) staying on the ground, I wanted to show you these photos all summer, and never got to them. It shows Happy who was first on the dog bed with a bone, and Denny squeezing himself onto it, trying to get the bone, which in the end he does. The last three photos make me smile, because they saw something, a bird, or a plane, and followed it turning their heads.

Beginning of summer-the boys!

That was it for today. I'm tired, but we still have to walk the dogs, and I want to get a little knitting done tonight. I haven't cleaned so much as I did over the weekend in a long time, and there's still more to do. I didn't know that hardwood floors are not easy to clean, and need cleaning more often then carpet flooring did. How gross was that, and I didn't know it!
At the moment I have NO idea when the kitchen will really be done. I refuse to start using it, before all the pieces are into place, like actual shelves in ALL the cupboards, even though it's getting really hard not to cook.
We have to get the tiler in again, because there are some things he has to fix already. And there will be somebody coming in tomorrow to have a look at the freezer handle. It's got a scratch, and a little dent on the door, which was revealed once we took the protection cover off. Sigh.
But, I do sleep like a colicky free baby in my bed, in my bedroom, and am quite happy about that!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love the pic where both boys have one of end of the bone in their mouths - too funny!

Ann said...

Nice magazine!
I cannot find it in english. Do you know if it is translated at all?
I like the red yarn - and the shawl, but I agree with you about the edge though.

2paw said...

I LOVE your synchronised boys!! I love Happy's alert ears and I love the way Denny sneakily steals they chew bone. You are so lucky to have such lovely boys!!

MiA said...

Oh - that sock yarn will be something fabulous!

CelticCastOn said...

Are you planning on making socks for Denny with that gremlin colourway? :)
They look soo cute when they are cuddled up together!

Anonymous said...

I luv your blog.I also knit, not as fast as you,but I do knit,lol! I must admit that when I check on your blog,1st thing I read is about those pups.....Just luv em.

Frieda said...

I love the photos of Denny poking his nose in there , oops before Happy knows it Denny's got control of the bone . Sneaky pup !

Fantastic mitts !

Robin said...

Ooh! Fun magazines and lovely fiber! And thanks for the smiles from your photos of the happy hounds. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your almost finished home!

I like those mitts. I'm wondering what was annoying about knitting them. It looks like a stockinette feather and fan pattern???

Virginia G said...

The cover of that magazine is breathtakingly gorgeous!

And the doggie pictures are awesome too!

(also, your post has a lot of stuff in it, and it all looks cool. Totally agree with you about the edging on that shawl)

Jennifer said...

Gah! Photos like that make me want to run out and get a 2nd puppy right now!

Happy Birthday too!