Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disco ball - part 1

The pups are still here, and keeping me busy, besides all else I've got to do. When we got Biko, back in 2001, we bought her a red ball, like the yellow one below, which would flicker inside, when bounced on the floor, or chewed on.
disco ball-7
yellow ball on black merino fiber

I called it the disco ball. The red ball was lost for years (under furniture), to be found by Denny. He destroyed it in no time, but Happy and he had lots of fun, before it was destroyed. So we bought another one, a yellow one.
disco ball-1-2
They love to play with it, and I only give it to them, when I'm supervising, so the disco ball has a chance of a longer life.
disco ball-3-2
I know it's a crappy photo, but he's never holding still for long, and you can see the ball glowing in this picture.

Anyway, Denny, his usual self is always hogging it, while Happy is looking on longingly.
disco ball-4-2
Happy acts bored, and yawns, but secretly he's only waiting for a chance to get the ball.
Fat chance:
disco ball-5-2

We took pity on Happy, and got another fun ball, disco ball, and squeak toy in one, but that's part 2 of the story! :o) If you are a Happy fan, you don't want t o miss it, so stay tuned ..... :o)

I almost forgot. Another lovely surprise arrived yesterday. Mailed October 21, it finally arrived November 22 in my mail box. But it was not only for me, but the pups got some pressies as well.
surprise package from Sabine-Nov. 2010
Toys for the dogs, and an interesting book for me, as well as tea, and the cute sheepy mug, and candy! Thank you so much, Sabine!!! :o)))


CelticCastOn said...

Boss and Molly say all those who Don't love Happy are gonna get it!!!
What will Happy do next???

2paw said...

That Denny is a riot, and a destructor!!! That's a fabulous toy, and I can't wait to see what will happen when it is Happy's turn!!!
Very clever lighting up photo!!

Walden said...

Wow, Denny is really growing up! Definitely not a baby anymore.

Poor Happy, always the nice older sibling. He needs to give Denny a swirly in the water dish and take the toy.

Virginia G said...

That's awesome! Love the pups and the disco ball. Can't wait to hear part 2. :)

Friederike Shepherd said...

Can't believe how grown up Denny looks. Happy seems like such a special boy...so sweet. Lucky Denny to have him for a role model.
Can't wait for disco ball part 2.
Gruesze aus Indiana.