Friday, November 19, 2010

The kitchen is done???

No, it's not. After weeks of waiting, the kitchen guy called, that he would send somebody to install the missing pieces, and deal with small things, like missing grout, missing cover for electrical outlet etc.
I was ready to do the happy dance, but didn't hold my breath that it would all finally be done.
Well, the guy came, and did some things, but there is still a cover for one drawer missing, the cabinet above the dish washer still has no shelves, and one cabinet door still has a scratch, and they didn't bring a replacement. So he lied to me, because now he tells me, he didn't even know the shelves were missing. I'm ready to explode, and I'm very disappointed with this company.
In any case, I took some pictures, because it's not going to be much more different, once it's finally done. We still have to paint the kitchen island we bought at IKEA's (still in the garage). We've got new blinds, very necessary!

I love the new kitchen, but I did not know, and was not told, that the cabinets would not be as deep as the old ones were. The kitchen sink is smaller too. I didn't think at the time to ask, because I thought we'd be getting the same size as we had. Too late now.
I LOVE the back splash glass tiles, and all my new electrical appliances, even though, we are waiting to get a new freezer door, because it came scratched and with a little dent in the door (been waiting for that for weeks too).
So here are some photos of the old kitchen:
kitchen before reno -2
We closed the door into the pink room. We never used it anyway.

kitchen before reno-1

kitchen before reno-2

And here is the new kitchen:
new kitchen-10

new kitchen-9

new kitchen-8

new kitchen-7

new kitchen-6

new kitchen-5

We opened up this opening to the dining room, which was formerly my office. We will not have a table or chairs in the kitchen itself. I like this setting very much. We never used the "dining room" which was part of the living room before, and had our meals in the kitchen most of the time.

new kitchen-4

new kitchen-3

new kitchen-2

new kitchen-1

new kitchen-12

The first thing I've cooked on my new cook top is -
Nov-first thing I cooked on my new cooktop-eggs-1
- hard boiled eggs! :o)

And for those who wanted to know, I found a rug for under my spinning chair. The dogs love it and go there to chew on their bones. The spinning wheel is still in the basement living room, but once I'm putting it in its new place, the rug will be crowded.

spinning chair with rug

Off I go, unpacking more boxes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks just beautiful. I love, love the glass tiles. Shades of green - great! And also, the floor tiles are such a nice warm colour. Lastly, although it might seem less important in the scheme of things, but I think the rug under your spinning chair is really great too

Anonymous said...

Love your new kitchen! It looks beautiful! Even if it isn't completely done... it will be soon!

michelle in cali said...

holy crap! the new kitchen is insanely gorgeous!! i'm extremely jealous! '->

Amari said...

What a huge change! I love the clean, fresh look. The backsplash is really nice, too. I think I'd like to try something like that in my kitchen. Your kitchen looks a lot bigger opened up and with the colors lightened up!

CelticCastOn said...

Now thats a kitchen! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

The redo is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love those backsplash tiles --- very funky gorgeous!

Enjoy your new rooms!

Unknown said...

100% better and just wonderful. Love the sea glass tiles behind the cook top too. My favorite colors and I have a green kitchen and have not gotten tired of it yet.

Well, done, now go and relax...

Kathy... said...

Oh....SOOOOO beautiful! Love the colors - just everything about it!

AdrieneJ said...

Those tiles are beautiful! Wow!!!

Frieda said...

Ohhhhh, I love your new kitchen ! I love all of the colours , the backsplash tile is stunning !!!

Virginia G said...

Wow! The new kitchen looks amazing! I loooooooooove those tiles.

I'm sorry it's not all done yet, but it will be soon.

Have fun unpacking!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky girl.
It is very modern and sleek and inviting.

Michelle said...

Your kitchen looks great even with the little things. I'm glad that you finally let yourself cook something in there. :-)

Beverly said...

The new kitchen is beautiful. We also went from brown to white and a more muted shade of green. I agree with you that the cabinets are too shallow ours size is smaller than yours so we lost a lot of storage space. Our original cabinets were huge. We also chose our own sink so we still have a huge double sink.

I love the tiles you chose they are gorgeous. Since you all won't have everything resolved before Thanksgiving I hope you do before the Christmas holidays.

Dave said...

It's gorgeous! Particularly love the tiles you chose ... they're perfect. I hope the rest gets done without too much hassle.

susannasplace said...

Na da sag ich doch mal WOW. Die neue Küche ist wirklich der Hammer. Ich liebe ja Wohnküchen, aber wenn Dein Diningroom so ansprechend ist, dann sind Tisch und Stühle in der Küche natürlich nicht notwendig.

Viel Spass beim kochen.

LG Susi

wanderrast said...

Wow, wirklich schön, groß, geräumig, du kannst dich freuen, wenn du darin kochen und werkeln kannst.
lg Elfi

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Wow, Monika, your kitchen is beautiful! I love the mosaic on the walls. Just great! I think you will have a lot of fun in there!
Liebe Grüße

Cloudberry said...

Love your new kitchen!!!
Have a great weekend :)

shannon said...


Wanderingcatstudio said...

What a transformation ! Love it!

Candice said...

your new kitchen is lovely! i especially like the glass tiles. congratulations!

Dagny said...

When I first saw the pictures of your kitchen (before I read more to realize that they were the before pictures) I thought hmmmm its ok. Then I saw the after pictures! Fantabulous!!!! Your kitchen is so beautiful! We are going to eventually redo our little kitchen and I'm going to show my hubby the pics of yours! And your new carpet is divine too :)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a dramatic difference!!!! It's so modern and filled with light and will be a pleasure for you to cook in ~ whether hard boiling eggs or a souffle - LOL

You may think you've had troubles with your contractor/company.... but until you've had a workman poke his foot through the ceiling of your bedroom you haven't really experienced a bad day renovation day - LOL

Walden said...

Super love the new kitchen. The stove is to die for. Love the tile colors on the wall!

Love the carpet too! So bright and colorful.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love the new kitchen. It's simply gorgeous.

Rhonda said...

Wow...I love the new kitchen. I envy you.

Dreams of Yarn said...

WOW, what a transformation!!! It looks fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Monika - the kitchen looks great! As others have said - I like the color of the floor tile against the various greens.


Robin said...

The kitchen looks GREAT! Crisp and so fresh with the green color. LOVE it!

ikki said...

What a lovely kitchen! I love it!

And I love Denny...but that an other thing.

TracyKM said...

Love the backsplash too!
What will you use the big space for now if you don't have a table/chairs there? If you're like most people I know, you'll want seating there anyway cause people love to be in the kitchen. We've put our patio loveseat in what is supposed to be the eat in area of our kitchen (but is way too small). Everyone loves it!