Thursday, November 18, 2010


I AM still knitting little by little, and getting things done. So here are three pairs of socks I've finished lately.
First are the Low Country Light socks by Peth Parrott from her book "Sock Club". I love the socks in the book, the colors are beautiful, but I hated knitting this pair. The stitch pattern was so boring, I almost fell asleep while knitting. I thought I'd do the second sock with a different stitch pattern, but then decided to just do it on the leg on both of them. The other reason for not liking these socks was the yarn. It's Drops Delight in color # 10. I dislike this sock yarn. It might be lovely to knit a shawl with it, but never again socks. They still will be worn by me, socks are socks.

Low country light socks

The next pair are going to be gifted. I loved knitting them. The yarn is lovely to work with, and I like it, that they did some kind of striping, and not too much pooling. I almost want to keep them for myself, but thankfully I knit them for smaller feet, so I HAVE to give them away.

Summer Squash Socks for mom

The yarn I've used here is Wandering Cat Yarns Barn Cat in the color Summer Squash. Soft, and warm, but still with some nylon to make them more durable.

Next up are my handspun socks! Of course I love those! Spinning for socks is always a pleasure. I spun 3-ply yarn, 2 plies Ghost & Gremlins Falkland from SAG fiber club, and one ply undyed white merino. They are soft and warm too, and hopefully will hold up well.

Ghosts & Gremlins socks

The socks turned out different, which did not surprise me. I spun two skeins, one for each sock, with some time in between. When the time came for the second skein to be spun, I didn't quite remember how I prepared the fiber, meaning how many strips did I rip? I knew I did it different than the first one, but I didn't care.
I often use toe up sock patterns for handspun socks, to use up most of the yarn I have. This time I used Fleegle's toe -up no flap, no hassle sock design, and I have to say, it's the best fitting toe up sock I've knit so far. The heel looks weird, but fits so well. I definitely will use this design again.


Freyalyn said...

I love the way you stake claim to the Ghosts and Gremlins by actually photographing them on your feet.

I also agree with you on the Drops Delight yarn - I have several balls, which once I got the stuff I decided would not make socks at all. I like my sock yarn to have more body and feel sturdier. It'll make lovely scarves or hats though.

No pup photos?

lazykaty said...

Lovely, especially the handspun ones! I have been wanting to try the fleegle pattern too, but haven't managed to finish enough sockyarn for it yet...

Virginia G said...

I love the colors on the drops yarn. LOVE.

Your socks are fabulous. I *really* should knit some. Really. Sigh.

Kathy said...

How easy was the Fleegle pattern to follow? I took a quick look at the post and was a bit overwhelmed. But I've never done toe-up socks. I like the handspun but the colors or the orange ... I know why you'd want to keep them!

hakucho said...

Lots of pretty socks. Yes, once you find a pattern that fits good, you do tend to stick to it!

CelticCastOn said...

You are one quick sock knitter!
LOOOOOVe the gremlins sooo perfect. The wandering cat yarn striped up puuuurfectly hhehehhe and I do love the colours in the 1st socks even though you don't like them.

Susan said...

You are getting a lot of knitting done! Those first socks are very pretty even if they were a PITA to knit. I have been looking at that pattern myself but I'll rethink it after your experience knitting it.

I think the Fleegle heel is almost the same as Wendy Johnson's Gusset Heel which I like the best for toe up socks. They are a little more flexible about fitting different foot lengths too so I like it for gift socks.

Beverly said...

Love the socks. The Drops yarn looks gorgeous too bad it's not a good one for socks.

Walden said...

Love the first socks, the colors are marvelous!

Love the color of the second pair too, but then I am partial to oranges.

The heel construction is odd looking, might have to give it a try. I like how well the green and gray work together.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love all the socks!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

They are all lovely and unique.... but your handspun at the best :) Sounds like that first pair might have been too soft a yarn for socks? They are pretty even if the stitch wasn't your favorite.

Life's a Stitch said...

I'm feeling sleepy about Citron. Four rows to go. Four LONG rows.

Dave said...

All three are nice, but I'm kind of partial to the handspun ones. :-)

I love the Fleegle heel to, so easy, and ho holes!