Monday, November 29, 2010

Maia mittens II

They were finished in mid September, but I somehow forgot to show them here. The Maia mittens, knit with fingering weight yarn are fine for now, but will not give enough warmth, and protection once it's really getting cold.
2nd pair of Maia mittens finished
The original pattern is for fingerless mittens, and the first pair I made were just that. I regret that I didn't make them full mittens also. For both pairs I've knit the longer version for the cuff. These were hard to photograph. You can hardly see the beads in the photo above. You can see the beads better in the next photos.

first Maia mitten full version
I've knit them following the pattern, and then picked up stitches and kit the fingertips, and the thumb. Here's the pattern by Romi Hill. It was included in her 7 small shawls e-book, and not for sale individually.

first Maia mitten full version

I've used wonderful yarn dyed by the talented Ladies of Wandering Cat Yarns , WCY Top Cat, colorway Opium Den. Just lovely. You can not see it very well, but it's not just gray, it has several other colors in it as well.
Maggie has accepted her new home immediately, like she's never been home anywhere else.

Nov. 27-Maggie
This girl is bright, fearless, inquisitive, and very lively. I'm fearing she's a female Denny. She's already got a mind of her own. I'm hoping to get a little video of her and Happy interacting soon. We got her the same age as Happy, but she seems more advanced in every aspect. The came from the same litter size (9 puppies), but from different breeders, and she was even the smallest female of the litter.

Nov. 27-Maggie

The boys look a little depressed in this picture, but they are only tired after playing rough. It was taken pre-Maggie. They like to share this sofa.

Nov. 23-Buddies


Virginia G said...

The mittens are gorgeous and so is Maggie!

How cute is she? What a sweetheart!

Can't wait to see pix of all the dogs together!

knottygnome said...

congrats on the new pup! so cute.

i love those mittens. they're so elegant with the beads.

Kris said...

I nearly missed Maggie in that shot of her at the food. The stuffed toys are as big as she is!

lexa said...

Your Maggie is so sweet! She reminds me of my Maggie when we first got her. They look alike except my Maggie is blond.

Heike said...

Hallo Monika,

die Handschuhe sind ein Traum, aber der kleine Wuffi ist der Hit!! Sooo niedlich.... ich will auch so einen!

VG von Heike

Ruth said...

She is adorable! Wait until she and the big boys fight over the couch and toys. That should keep you very busy.

CelticCastOn said...

She's got her own array of toys already :)
Boss is a tad jealous of the red couch, he says he used to be allowed on the couch but not anymore and thinks that red couch would suit him nicely.

Susan said...

What a little cutie! You will have so much fun with her.

hakucho said...

Your beaded mittens are very pretty. Very dressy :)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Maggie so tiny and so cuddly looking!!!! I seem to recall Happy came home around 6 weeks - is that right? I'm sure she'll set Denny in his place - I'm pretty sure Simcha had a severe correction from a female when he was boarding as he was afraid of females for awhile after that.

Your boys are so cute together ~ and very lucky to enjoy that comfy looking couch!

Kathy... said...

OMG! I'm out of town, and not reading blogs for a couple of days, and what do I return to..... A brand new Puppy!!! Yay!!! (Poor Denny....he's lost his "baby of the family" spot). She's just adorable and I look forward to hearing all about her growing up with the boys.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...


I am sooo jealous.
I kept saying to Jules "Look Jules. Look at the new puppy".
But he refused.
He refused to look at the new puppy saying...
I'm not going to look at the new puppy.

One day I'm just gunna come home with one. A new puppy that is.

Anonymous said...

The mittens are so pretty and Maggie is so cute! :D

Unknown said...

The mittens are pretty.

Molly is such a cute puppy. Almost make me want one.

Walden said...

Love the mittens!

Maggie is simply adorable! She will give the boys a run for their money.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those mittens are beautiful!
Im still trying to perfect that colourway

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooo...the beads on the mittens are so pretty. Congratulations on the finish.

Anonymous said...

Maggie is a fine addition to your family! Does she realize how lucky she is to have you and your son? She will get only the best of the best! :-) Your knitting is always fabulous - I can only hope to be as great a knitter as you! Hugs, Kim D.

2paw said...

Little Maggie is gorgeous I want to pick her up and give her a gentle cuddle. She'll need to be spirited to hold her own against The Boys. The look very funny there, in their chair together!!
I am so glad it is all going so well!!

Romi said...

Oh my! Maggie is a completely adorable little doll. :)

Great mittens, too!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Die Handschuhe sind sehr schön! Ich mag grau immer gerne und die Perlen sehen sehr edel aus.
LG und einen schönen Tag!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I love the mittens and the yarn you chose complements the pattern so well.

Maggie is a cutie pie. How could you resist her?