Friday, October 29, 2010

Handspun Friday - Denim

Me and my big mouth! Come what may, of course! While reassembling my bed, a screw broke inside the wood panel, and it was a vital one, to keep the bed upright. Of course there was no time to get some screws to do emergency surgery on the bed, because of other appointments. It has to wait until later today. I've got to sleep in our guest room. My back did not appreciate it at all. The pups were confused too, strange room new smells. Before we settled in, they kept running over to my bedroom door.

I've spun this fiber back in July. The finished yarn was one of the ones from my last shop update. I REALLY love how this turned out.
The fiber was once again dyed by FatCatKnit's. Ginny is one of my favorite dyers.

FatCatKnits-8oz-Falkland wool-Denim

This fiber turned into this:
FatCatKnits-8oz-Falkland wool-Denim-2ply-247yds-4

and this:
FatCatKnits-8oz-Falkland wool-Denim-2ply-247yds-1

It's 8oz of Falkland, 2-ply yarn, worsted weight, 2 skeins with a total of 247yds.

FatCatKnits-8oz-Falkland wool-Denim-2ply-247yds-3

You can still grab it here.
I've also finished my handspun cowl. The free pattern is by Ami Madison.

bright green cowl

I've uses my SAG handspun, superwash BFL. I used 4mm needles, and it took me no time at all to finish it.
bright green cowl
I've cast on 110 stitches for the cowl, did three garter ridges, instead of the first YO row, since it was folding up like crazy. I would do even more garter ridges next time. Then I decreased to 100 stitches for the main part, and increased again to 110 stitches for the top, ending with garter ridges.

I had a little left over yarn:
cowl yarn leftover nestled in sw merino
The little skein is nestled in natural white Merino fiber.


Die Fadenwirkerin said...

Hallo Monika,

was für ein exorbitant schöner Kammzug und was für ein wundervolles Garn. Du bringst mich richtig in Versuchung.............

LG von Jule

Sjömans-Elin said...

It sure looks like things are not going your way. Hope the luck will come back soon!

CelticCastOn said...

Oh rats! Tonight!!! Tonight you will be in your own bed!

2paw said...

It's a beautiful cowl, I love the colour and the shaping.
Poor you and poor pups, that's bad luck.

Virginia G said...

The cowl looks really lovely! And of course, your spinning is to die for.

Marissa said...

Beautiful yarn, and gorgeous cowl- it looks very soft and comfortable.
It always amazes me that the finished yarn looks so different from the roving. I can never predict what the finished yarn will look like. With all your experience, are YOU able to guess/suspect what the finished product's colors will be, or it is just a pleasant surprise? (I am spin-challenged. I have two drop spindles, used for decoration. Every once in a while I pick them up and pet them lovingly. My fingers just won't make yarn!)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Quit tempting me with your nummy, nummy handspun! That one is lovely - and I love the cowl too!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Just gorgeous spinning ~ and timely ~ as it looks like Fall Indian corn :)

I'm loving your cowl, such a pretty color and design. I have some old stash yarn that this speaks to!

PS last night you know was alone for 5 minutes and ate a huge hole in leather couch in living room. We are boarding him tonight as he can't be left alone for 1 second (no crate time with his cone) and we have a social occasion.

Sharon said...

Your newly spun yarn looks wonderful!

You're mighty clever to come up with these designs that turn out so beautifully.

Laurie said...

The cowl and yarn are beautiful! Hope by now your bed is fixed and you're sleeping happily again. Poor much change. Dogs truly are creatures of habit - don't mess up the routine, Mom! LOL! At least that's what MY dog says...