Monday, October 11, 2010

Turkey Monday!

Don't be fooled by the innocent look on their faces!
Oct. 8-the boys

I think these two are plotting against me - again! This time I think I know what it's all about too. Next year, they think they'll take over Thanksgiving dinner in this household, because lets face it, having lamb/venison burgers, and grilled chicken just doesn't cut it, for a Thanksgiving dinner! Never mind, that we only had a BBQ for cooking, and that's broken down too now. Can you believe the BBQ we bought 2 month ago, is kaputt?!!! Two of the knobs melted, and it's not safe to use it anymore. Crap!
O.K. back to those two. I think they look a little concerned too. Might be, because my knees are still wobbly. You want to know why?
Let me tell you, I really think we are cursed with two very smart pups. Cursed yes, I'd rather have two dummy dogs around. But - for some reason they wont get it into their heads, that the POOL IS CLOSED for this season. It's OVER guys! NO more swimming in the pool, even without water, NO MORE PLEASE!
See, they refuse to believe me when I say, get away from the pool, it's CLOSED. So they jump in anyway! Which of course gives me an almost heart attack twice a day. Not healthy for me, or them. I can't take it anymore! So we'll have to install a fence around it, which hopefully will keep them out until the day we open the pool again, next year.

It was rather nice today, we could sit outside, and it was warm, and sunny. This spider watched us from a corner . It's a common garden spider, I think. It's beautiful, but I'm glad it knows to keep outside, or else!
common garden spider

I wonder if the guys stop plotting, if I offer them some of my pumpkin pie? I'm not giving them my chocolate cake! (I know chocolate is not good for them, it is for me though).
I think I'll put together some BEFORE and AFTER photos from our reno, sans the kitchen for now. If you wanna see them, come back later this week! Bye for now!


Susan said...

That would give me a heart attack too. I know what you mean about smart dogs being more difficult.

Cool spider!

Ann said...

Be careful, what you wish for - you might get it! You got it - two dogs who can entertain each other. It is a thriller to hear about the pool. I hope it is not empty!!
And maybe the BBQ didn't fit the new renovation.
But happy Canadian Thanksgiving anyway!
Still looking forward to pictures of the new house :-)
By the way: I love spiders.

ZiZi said...

Ich kann deine Jungs soooo gut verstehen, liebe Monika! Eben gestern Nachmittag bin ich am Schwimmbad vorbeispaziert ... wie gerne wäre ich nocheinmal hineingesprungen um zu schwimmen *g*
Und interessante Spinnen habt ihr!

Liebe Grüsse - ZiZi

Anonymous said...

Sie haben Dich in der Tat eingeschüchtert!! Du schreibst so herrlich, dass man es richtig spüren kann ;oD Arme Monika!! Ja, die Hundis haben A-B verknüpft und diesen Knoten hält gut. Den können sie nur schwer lösen! Hunde-Denkensweise!

Schmeiss sie vielleicht in Deine Badewanne. . . ;oD

Süss sind sie wie eh und je!

LG Hanne.

susannasplace said...

Du wirst doch nicht ernsthaft behaupten wollen, dass diese beiden etwas anstellen können? Die sind doch soooo brav ;).

Aber halte Hunde mal zurück, wenn sie Wasser lieben... ein Unding. Eine Freundin von mir hat einen Labrador. Keine Pfütze ist vor ihm sicher, jedes noch so eklige etwas, auch wenn Schlamm drin ist, wird inspiziert.

Ich wünsche Dir viel Spass beim Kuchen... und vielleicht hast Du ja noch etwas Chicken für die Boys :).

LG Susi

2paw said...

I can't look at your post, handsome though The Boys are, because there is a spider.
They are jumping in a pool with no water?? No wonder you are having a hear attack!!!
I reckon any kind of pie will get their attention!!!

Walden said...

They do look like they are plotting! They also look adorable though. :)

CelticCastOn said...

hheeh the little monkies! I love how their paws are touching in the pic ;)
can't wait to see your reno pictures!

Virginia G said...

Some of my friends put a hard cover on their pool because of that problem.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I know what you mean about it's not Thanksgiving without the turkey dinner. One year my Mom was in England and my Dad actually did BBQ a turkey. I was pretty young so don't recall how it came out - just that he did it.

I have found a long walk/jog every morning helps with you know who.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wicked spider! (I love spiders, Dave's always killing the ones around here)

And yes, I think the boys are up to something for sure!

Beverly said...

I know how you feel. When we had our remodel done our house wasn't finished for Thanksgiving so we had to go to the backup plan. We moved the dinner to my brother's house.

At least you'll be ready for Xmas!

Laurie said...

Those dogs look like they've been caught in the act - of bonding! Look at how close their paws are. ;-) So glad you're fencing in to keep them safe!

Lovely orb weaver you have there. I love spiders - they eat worse things! ;-)