Sunday, October 24, 2010


As I mentioned we planned on getting out and about on Saturday, which we did. We slept in a little, and after breakfast, we packed the dogs into the car, and off we drove. No specific plans, just driving up North.
It was clear from the start, that we were about one week too late, to enjoy the beautiful Fall foliage. At least the weather was nice, and sunny. I love getting close to bodies of water if possible. Somehow we ended up in Keswick, Cook's Bay, Lake Simcoe. Didn't think it was so close, and Keswick is a bigger town then I thought.
It's hard to find spots where you can actually get close to the Lake, any Lake for that matter, but we found one.
Oct. 23-Lake Simcoe-1

Being in places like that makes me always happy.

Oct. 23-Lake Simcoe-3

Oct. 23-Lake Simcoe-2

Oct. 23-Lake Simcoe-4

On our way back we drove by Sharon Temple. Not the best shot of it, but the best shot would have been right from an intersection, and that was not going to happen. Too bad though, because it IS a lovely building. I've known about this Temple for years, but we never came close to were it is. Now I know. (if you follow the link you'll get to see the Temple in all it's glory, and its history is interesting too)

Oct. 23-Sharon Temple

What's interesting in the next picture is the long, straight road, of which we have many around here. (Leslie street, heading South)

Oct. 23- Leslie Street heading south
It was really good to get away from home, even only for a few hours. It was good that we did it, when we did it too, because in the evening it started raining, and it hasn't stopped since.


Laurie said...

Lovely pictures, and I enjoyed learning about Sharon Temple. So nice to get away!

Ann said...

Beatiful, beatiful pictures!
- the last one too ;-)

Walden said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Did the dogs go in the lake?

Virginia G said...

Lovely pix! Maybe you should have driven south for the foliage instead of north. We've only just started to go a little yellow right now...

Susan said...

I would have enjoyed that get-away too! Beautiful!

After a month of gorgeous fall weather, we now have rain and snow in the forecast.

2paw said...

So nice to see the countryside and how flat it is all about and then the mountains in the far distance. Nice duckies!!! Glad you enjoyed your day trip!!

Donyale said...

Phew - I have just spent ages re-reading your blog Monika. My bloglines filtered heaps out and I am just getting around to re-reading those I love.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love drives in the country! We hardly do that at all now that we live in SoCal but used to do it every weekend when we lived in Indiana. Beautiful pictures of the lake and I'm glad you got home before the rain began :)

Lots of yummy yarn hitting your store shelves!

susannasplace said...

Das letzte Bild macht mir bewusst, warum Du wohl mit Freude ausgewandert bist - diese Weite ist unglaublich schön.

Durften die Hunde im See schwimmen :)?

LG Susi