Friday, October 08, 2010

Handspun Friday - Tomato Salad

Unbelievable how fast this week flew by. Today we've got Tomato Salad on the menu. This lovely fiber was dyed by FatCatKnits. I've seen this colorway spun up on FatCatKnits forum, and fell in love with it. I like fiber, which can be spun into gradiating yarns, like this one.

FCK-Tomato Salad-4oz Falkland

Tomato Salad
fiber: Falkland, 4oz
yarn: navajo plied, 2 skeins, total of 250yds, I think it's DK weight yarn

I loved spinning this fiber, and how the yarn turned out. I hope you like it too, because you can find it here in my shop. One more thing about the shop. I know that shipping costs seem high, but we refund excess shipping costs, once we know what the actual costs are.
This week I had no time to spin, because I had to crank out a pair of socks as a birthday present.
#5 burning stripes socks done
My fifth pair of burning stripes socks. I had no time to block them. They are not the most prettiest socks ever, but mashine washable, and warm. Made with Patons Kroy FX, I used 2.75mm needles, which made it go real fast. I started October 2 and finished October 5. This used to be a normal pace for knitting a pair of socks, but it was hard work to get them done. I still have a little SSS going on. Anyway. I'm back knitting the second sock of my faceted rib socks. They look gorgeous, and I can't wait for them to be done, and on my feet!

After some bad vibes with the reno guys (not the actual workers, they are great!), we had the head honcho over yesterday, and we walked through the house, and made a list of what still has to be done. It was all just little things, and we worked out the big things in the kitchen. Phew!
This means, they will finish the railing today. Then we have a break until next week Thursday, when they will finally install the counter top, and the back splash tiles. The appliances will be installed, except for the oven and microwave. A couple of the cabinet doors were scratched, which will be replaced. The replacement doors, and the cabinet where the oven, and the microwave will be (this one turned out totally wrong), will take another couple of weeks or three to arrive.
Meanwhile we'll have to get a duct cleaning crew in, and everything can get cleaned up nicely. I guess we'll be moving furniture and stuff back in, little by little. We probably need to hire movers, since my son threw his back out by lifting and dragging most of the stuff, when we cleared out the house, and has now a bad back, which a nice chiropractor is trying to bend back into shape.
Alright, that's it for today. Oh, yeah, the pool is going to be closed today as well. The pups were still swimming with pleasure up until yesterday, and will be very disappointed next time they are out in the back yard.
Have a nice weekend everyone!


knottygnome said...

i love that yarn. it's so pretty and happy!

Spundun said...

Oh, the tomato salad yarn is just so fabulous - beautifully spun, retaining the colours perfectly. That will knit up so nicely.

Love the socks too - a pair in 3 days - sigh...

Good luck with the rest of the reno work!

2paw said...

Sounds like you have sorted out all the renovation hassles to be going on with, so that's good news!!
Nice socks, nice Tomato wool as well.
Poor Boys, I am sure they will have just as much fun in the snow!!

Michelle said...

The reno sounds very stressful but at least you can see the end in sight. I hope your sons back feels better soon!

Laurie said...

OMG...LOVE the tomato salad yarn! Too bad it was sold out so quickly. :-( Glad the reno is making progress, despite the hassels.

MiA said...

I agree - that yarn is absolutely gorgeous!! Now you got me into the mood of navajoply...

Sjömans-Elin said...

You have made it again! Lovely!

PS. If you got MiA to try the navajo ply, you would probably also like to hear that she's REALLY good at it? 'Cause she is! DS.

Beverly said...

Beautiful fiber and spun yarn. Hope you all get back in the house soon.

Allerlei Strickerei said...

Hi Monika,
I really love your Handspun Friday pictures and I enjoy them every week.
Liebe Grüße
Brigitte, die morgen zum Wandern nach Österreich fährt

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm going to have to make a pair of those socks for Dave - they are just his style

Debbie said...

I'm a slow clicker. I NEEEEDED that yarn. It's gorgeous! I hope the person who bought it posts what they make with it.

Sharon said...

I would never have guessed that the resulting yarn would look so good. The colors are lovely but I'm suspicious about Falkland.

It's nice to know that you could start moving your furniture back, eventually. You're getting closer to the end. Yay for you!

Virginia G said...

Really gorgeous yarn.

One of these days, when I'm not on such a tight budget, I WILL be buying some of your yarn.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Ohhhhh! Someone beat me to that tomato salad yarn ~ it sure is pretty and it will be fun to see what people make. You'll have to post pics/links so we can see what is eventually made!

Glad the Reno talk went well...