Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yesterday morning was not a good day. I was waiting for the workers to show up, and they didn't. I was close to explode. I was cussing, and yelling, throwing flames from my mouth, steam coming from my ears, and basically having a big tendrum. The boys were hiding, and my son was suddenly standing in front of me with chocolate in hand, outstretched, opened. Well, yeah, it's THAT time of month too. That made me laugh, and the steam coming from my ears subsided. They showed up eventually at around 11:30AM.
I don't know what they did do, but after 3PM it went silent upstairs, they had left. The front door was still open, their vacuum was plugged in, I assumed they would be back. Just in case, I closed the door, but did not lock it.
My son got a phone call from one of the workers. He came over to me, and asked how I was doing, and held the left over chocolate from that morning in his hands. At first I was confused, until it dawned on me, that he's the bringer of bad news, which of course made me laugh again.
So the guys couldn't figure out how to install the hood! They said the instructions only came in Dutch (how would THEY know, I thought ungraciously), which is odd, since the model came from Italy. They told him they had to figure it out before they could proceed.
They've put in the oven, and the microwave, the fridge has been in it's place for some time now. The dishwasher is still in the garage. The electrical plugs are still hanging out from their sockets, and the replacement cabinet doors, and one replacement drawer are still not here yet. The doorbell, which is supposed to play DING-DONG, only manages to BZZZZ-Ding, and the light switch for the living room is still not changed around.
But everything else is done. The cleaning crew arrives tomorrow. My son's new bed will be delivered some time tomorrow too. Movers have been hired for Thursday, to get the heavy furniture out from the garage into the house again.
Everything will be fine but the kitchen. Oh well. I've gotten used to eating microwavable food, but I sure hope that I'll be able to cook a feast for my Birthday in November, in my new kitchen. But who knows?
So, now we come to the surprise! DS brought home the mail, and there was a package for me, which I didn't order! Kelly has sent me this lovely package:

gift from Kelly-2
Wonderful Briggs & Little sportweight yarn for mittens, a lovely doggy card, two toys for the pups, and two curlywurly's, most delicious candy EVER (directly from Ireland, she says). Yummy! Thank you so much Kelly! You made my day!

pups with gift from Kelly-6

Really? I can have it? (no little brown Rumpelstilzchen around to take it away from me?)

Happy with new chew toys!
I did NOT cut off his hears in the pictures, but the mosaic maker did.

Denny and the new chew toys
Rumpelstilzchen shaking it! He's had a lot of fun, until he started to chew it to pieces. To give Happy a chance to play with the toys too, Denny had to spend some time in the crate.

It's 9AM, the workers are not here yet. I need lots, and lots of chocolate!!!


Virginia G said...

It sounds like you have an excellent son. :)

I'm sorry that you're dealing with this crud, but I guess the plus side is that when it is all (eventually) done, you'll have a new kitchen?

Anyway, great package! The dogs obviously love the toys. :)

CelticCastOn said...

hahah your son is cute, choccy at the ready :)
Curly Wurly's arrived right on time then huh, should have sent the whole box to keep him stocked up.
I love that smiling pic of Happy he looks truly happy to have a toy :)
Still laughing at rumpelstiltskin. Give those workers a swift kick for me!

Susan said...

Ah, thank goodness for chocolate! I love the "killing it dead" shot of Denny with the new toy.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Too bad the renos have been so frustrating.
Denny cracks me up!

Walden said...

Sorry your workers are so frustrating.

It is adorable to see how differently the boys act! Both are hilarious in their own rights.

2paw said...

Oh the end is in sight then, don't stop swimming or you'll drown in renovations. Your son is a clever man and a knowledgeable one!!
Yay for new toys, Happy looks as gorgeous as usual, and Denny Crane looks as per usual too: a cyclone in action with a toy!!


Lovely pictures of your dogs ;-D

ikki said...

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I wish You all the best!

Laurie said...

Sending you virtual chocolate. Your son is a wise young man. ;-)

LOVE Happy's expression with his new toy...and the blur that is Denny (truly captures his essence, eh?).

Hope by the time you read this all is moved in and you're able to relax.