Friday, April 23, 2010

No Handspun Friday

No handspun Friday today, but I'll have some handspun yarn to show next week. I've sent off Hannah's socks yesterday, should arrive in Sydney in a couple of weeks, anything earlier would surprise me.
4th pair of Burning stripes socks finished

This was pair # 4 of the Burning stripes socks by Susan Luni (I know I've got to show # 2 and # 3)
yarn: blue: Drops Delight, color # 04 and natural color: Noro Silk Garden sock yarn in # S269. I don't think I'll buy this NSG sock yarn again, at least not for socks. I just don't want to pay that much money for such a badly spun yarn. It also had a knot in it. I used it even though it was slightly thicker than Drops Delight, but I think it worked, just.
Hannah wanted natural colored socks with either, green, blue or red (I think) stripes, and I know that she does not like many shades of green, so blue it was.
I used 2.5mm DP. I didn't wash them before sending them off, and later I remembered that I could have steam ironed them a little, oh well.
Nowadays I'm glad that I'm so forgetful, because it's easier to forget the bad things, while I'll remember the good things, since I most likely take pictures of those.
April 14-Happy & Denny

Like with those guys. There are cute moments, and there are moments where I'd like to tear out my hair. Here's Denny trying to chew his way over to me, in the forbidden zone. Happy just wonders why HE's there with HIM - alone! Cute moment!

Unfortunately not all bad things can be forgotten that easily. Denny chews on everything, which is pretty normal puppy behavior. Many things go in front, and come out back later. Well, late yesterday afternoon, he totally freaked out because a thread of the sewing kind was not coming out on its own or I should say, not all the way. I had the pleasure to help him out. I spare you the details, but I guess we both were in shock for a while.
Never a dull time with this one. I'm pretty much pooped by the end of the day, and the end can't come early enough. We are up before the birds start to sing every day now. Good thing I'm a morning person. .....



MiA said...

Very beautiful!

CelticCastOn said...

I have pulled manyy a thing out of Bosty's butt... the joy :)
Lovely socks!

TracyKM said...

Nice socks!
Our new puppy does chew, but not swallow much yet. Or at least, maybe we're doing a good job of puppy-proofing. We used to use Bitter Apple spray with our old dog, but haven't gotten any yet.
My pet peeve, LOL, is that this guy is a yipper and barker if he doesn't get what he wants. And he'll go outside, but not pee, then come in and pee on the carpet :(

2paw said...

Lovely socks, our post is very unreliable so I hope it speeds along to Hannah!!
Thank you for sharing the story of Denny's thread adventure!!
I love the picture with him almost absent-mindedly gnawing and Happy looking so grown up and a bit confused. He has a handsome stare!! Denny is just cute and wicked!!! Hope you get some decent sleep soon!!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Adorable! And I've had string moments like that with the cats... I feel your pain!

Linda said...

I like the socks but feel the same way as you about the Noro. I hope you get some rest this weekend from the crazyness of the dogs!

BeatrixB said...

I had a cat die from such a string moment and since then I keep anything with strings - i.e. sewing thread well away from the puppy... I am glad all came out ok, even if it was not a nice experience!

Sharon V said...

Hannah's socks turned out very nice and she'll be pleased to get socks, I'm sure.

Whew! I don't envy you your schedule. It sounds grueling and stressful! Here, I'll send you some of my strength: sending ... sending ... sending

shannon said...

you are a good woman, monika! :)

i adore those socks, too!!

Michelle said...

Yes, helping to remove stringy things that don't want to fully come out is never pleasant for anyone. At least they have cuteness on their side. The socks look very comfy. I might have to try a pair sometime!

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful socks - as always :)
And I guess having puppy's is like being a newborn mom all over again ;)

Have a great weekend!
And we still have no water...

Kathy... said...

LOL....sorry, but I do SOOOO enjoy those puppy stories! Your wordage in the last paragraph made me smile too. Better be careful with words like "pooped" and "end" after setting the stage for us with the thread story! LOL... I know I shouldn't enjoy it all quite so much! Sorry!

Love the socks, btw. Hmmm - wonder if I could manage those - or that heel I should say???

Susan said...

I really like those socks! Noro silk sock looks so great that you can almost forgive it for its structure. I don't care to knit with it either.

That pic is so cute. You're lucky the thread came out. It's one of the things that can slice the digestive tract which would have meant very, very expensive surgery. Apparently dental floss is worse.

Just remember, he's a baby. Things will get better eventually.

Charlene said...

Been there done that with a piece of string and my cat Anna. I agree it took me a few moments to get over that experience.
I have the same opinion regarding the NSG yarn. I started out making socks for my husband, and ended up ripping back the one sock I had started. I'm using the yarn now for mittens.
Loving the socks you made for Hannah. I love the blue stripes.

Jeanne said...

Very pretty socks!

And I had to laugh at the thread thing - been there, and unfortunately, done that!

Anonymous said...

Your puppies are so cute!

Virginia G said...

Denny is growing so fast!

I looooooooooove the socks. They're gorgeous. I do agree about Noro, I always find knots in the yarn and it drives me bananas, however nobody else does color in quite the same way, so I'll probably keep going back.

Plus, I kinda like the crunchiness of the kureyon. (not to wear, but to knit with, it's kinda fun)

Pat said...

I love this sock pattern - can't wait to try it with some fun handspun!