Wednesday, April 14, 2010


That's what they are. They are exhausting. Even thinking is too much for me right now. All I want to do is SLEEP.
I like them best like that: napping, or just quiet for a minute, that's fine too.

April 9-afternoon nap-8

After they played until Denny got hysterical, I separated them and they fell asleep. Rare moments.

April 9-afternoon nap-9

They look so innocent sleeping like that.
April 9-afternoon nap-2

Happy is still a puppy with his 10 1/2 month, sometimes we forget that, since he's so big.

April 10-Denny & Happy-3

This was on April 10, two days after we brought Denny home.

April 10-Denny & Happy-10

Don't let that photo fool you. This is really not how they are most of the time. Both like to cuddle. Happy always wanted that, and I guess that's why he lets Denny crawl on the dog bed.

Yesterday we went to the Vet's for Denny's first appointment. The drive went well. He didn't sleep, but looked out the window. He was a hit with the receptionists. If you have a treat and want to give it to him, he'll love you, and wiggle his bum off. They thought he was the cutest thing ever. He's such a charmer.
Happy was there too, just for socializing. He's timid, and hides either behind me, or in the corner, when somebody talks to him. He's never taken a treat from strangers. But, I guess competition works wonders. After he watched Denny for a while, he came forward and eventually took one treat from the Lady.
Later we went all upstairs to the examination room for puppies. There are two leather chairs there, and a rug on a wooden floor. Denny found the container with the treats in a minute.
The Vet took his time, and gave extra attention to Happy, who first shied away, but during the time we were there, he took several treats, and sat in both leather chairs. It all went well and was a pleasant experience for both dogs.

Denny really is sweet, and cuddly, until he turns into a Gremlin. Must be the water Happy dripped on him, when he was at the water bowl. This dog can screech, growl, and snarl like a big dog. And he's got to learn to have some alone time. Seems like he's a case of separation anxiety. Anyway, this is a new experience for us too. Our White Shepherds were all so calm and quiet, nothing like this little fireball.

Oh, and please forgive me, if I don't respond to your lovely comments for a while. I'd rather write a new blog post during the time I have right now.

I wish you could hear Denny right now. He's in the kitchen, and I'm in the next room. Since he started yapping, Happy joined him on the other side of the baby gate, but he's not calming down. Let's see how long it will take him to calm down.



Michelle said...

Definitely get the separation anxiety taken care of as soon as you can. It can be horrible to live with. It's too bad that Happy isn't helping to calm him down. They both look so adorable together and maybe Happy's confidence will get built up over time.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Way too cute! It's hard to believe Happy is only 10 1/2 months old!

momsue84 said...

Absolutely don't worry about responding to comments. I would so love to keep hearing about the pups and seeing the pictures. Blog away!!

Cindy said...

Either him calming down, or you picking up the bourbon and taking a swig. Two puppies? You deserve a metal!!!

Sharon said...

Your babies are so adorable. If they could talk, I bet they'd say "Thanks Mom".

Six months from now everyone will be well trained, happy and sleeping through the night.

Anonymous said...

But it will be worth the trouble in the end...Of course, first you have to survive the sleep deprivation!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Monika, it must be really trying to have two young pups in residence - especially such a vocal ball of energy.

One question: is Denny's fur as soft as it looks?

Try to get some rest, OK?

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of them sharing the dog bed. So cute!!

2paw said...

Look at those puppies!! They are just so cute!!! They do go beserkers bonkers and wind each other up though!! It is definitely amazing what a little competition can do and what a brave boy Happy was at the Vet!! No wonder you are tired!!!

susannasplace said...

Wenn Du weiter solche tollen Posts schreibst, muss ich noch öfter vorbeischauen. Ich kriege nicht genug von Happy und Denny. Der kleine scheint ja ein Temperament zu haben :). Happy braucht nun noch mehr Streicheleinheiten - schliesslich ist er der Boss im Hause. Fragt sich nur, wie lange :)?

Isabel S./Lisboa-Portugal said...

Now, after the shock, I can tell you that Denny is soooooo cute!!!!(his tail (white) reminds me my beagle) And I'm sure Happy will be happier with him rather than alone.They will calm down, one day...after all they are puppies, full of energy...
Please keep blogging and giving us that wonderful present that are photos and news of both puppies.
Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal

Charlene said...

Loving the pictures! I know it's hard to get anything done with the two pups, but love hearing about them. You must be cherishing your knitting time when you get it. Slow and steady wins the race :)

Kathy... said...

Surprising how many similarities I find between life with Denny and life with a 23month old! LOL.... well, except my charge goes home at 5pm!

It does sound like Denny (LOVE the name, btw) will be good for Happy - eventually. LOVE hearing about them both - and the photos are priceless. Keep it up!!! please!

RC said...

I'm LMAO now and remembering when we brought the twins home. I though I would pull my hair out by the end of the 2nd week. Both were loud and needy and LOUD ;) now they are just rowdy and occasionally loud. It will go by fast, don't worry

Robin said...

So precious!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

So interesting, Monika. It will be fascinating to me how Denny develops. We, BTW, are using treats to train after all - LOL Steve apparently didn't realize that when he signed us up! But, we had a serious case of loose bowels from all the treats - what kind do you use?

Donyale said...

SO SWEET - and innocent when sleeping. I am sure you are kept busy OVERtime....loving the updates.

(PS my Shunklies came this week - noice!)

weebug said...

I am looking forward to future adventures!

illusions said...

You did the best thing getting Dennym those two wil be great together.