Sunday, April 04, 2010

Is it Summer already? Did we skip Spring?

We had some scary wind blowing last night. The doors and windows rattled like crazy. I've found twigs and branches in our garden, but no real damage.

The last two days we had 25C, plus a warm wind was blowing. We went for a walk on Friday, again to Mary Lake. This time we met two standard poodles, a Labrador, and some white fluffball little doggy with their families. This was very exciting for Happy. He got spooked by an old tree trunk. I wonder what Happy saw in that. After I coaxed him to sniff it, he was fine of course, and on our way back he didn't even glance at it. It was nice, but hot.

Yesterday we decided to drive to a different part of the Oak Ridges Trail, one we've not been to before. I have to say, that Happy still doesn't want to get into the car, even with all those nice walks at the end of the car ride.
I made a mistake and left the map at home, so we had a hard time finding the entrance to this part of the trail at first. There was no other car there, when we started out to walk. The below photo was made right at the beginning of our walk. This part was VERY hilly! I can't imagine walking this when it had rained, and the ground is wet. Too many possibilities to slip and hurt yourself.
Oak Ridges Trail-April 3-2

The path goes straight ahead, as I mentioned with up and downs, but not many curves. There's still not very much green to be seen, except for lovely moss, which I like. First we've met two Ladies with a Golden Retriever, and a 11 month old Newfoundland puppy. This meeting went smooth, and was nice for everybody.
Later as we entered the woodsy part of the trail, I looked behind us, and saw a lone rider coming, on a huge black beautiful horse. We stepped off the trail to give him enough space to pass us. He was going slow, so we could talk with him, until he passed. This was the first time Happy saw a horse, and he looked in wonderment, until they were way past, then he started to bark after them, and pulled and wanted to follow. Since we didn't know the trail ahead, we went back a little, and found another smaller trail to the left, which we followed, because there was this noise coming from this direction, which I wanted to check out. It was clear that it came from toads and frogs. The closer we got the louder it got. I've never heard anything like this! It was unbelievable, and beautiful too.
I didn't see a single toad, but there must have been hundreds if not thousands there, giving that concert. The place where this took place is on the first photo in second row. In a few weeks, this water must ripple with tadpoles, I'm sure. Maybe we'll be back there at some point.

I didn't think of taking a picture of the horse, too bad, I only got a hoof print.

We encountered a couple of Ladies with yet another little white furball of puppy. As soon as Happy saw them, he jumped into lets play position with his front paws down on the ground, and was yapping to get to them. It was clear that they all were scared of him, so we tried to move on quietly, but he was a brat and barked after them. Now they think he's a monster, I'm sure. Not everybody wants to say Hello. We've got to work on his behavior in such cases. It was embarrassing for us.

April 3-out walking part of Oak Ridges trail

On the way into the trail, Happy was pulling, and sniffing, and on our way back, I was counting on him pulling me up those steep hills, because my steam was almost all gone, but NO, he was walking perfectly beside me.
We said we would go there maybe today again, but my knees hurt so bad during the night, that I could not sleep. I'm not used to walking that far every day. But the beautiful sunshine is sure tempting to get going again.

We are not celebrating Easter, but I could not pass those two tins, when I saw them at the store. The chocolate is gone, of course, and stitch markers moved into the oval tin. An improvement for them, since they were housed in a white plastic container before. The larger tin is still empty, but I'll find use for it too.

tins with stitch markers-1

Happy Easter for those who celebrate it, and for all the others, have a wonderful Sunday!


RC said...

LOVE the walking pics, really scenic!
those tins are cute, the stitch markers look totally at home

Kathy... said...

Looks like a wonderful walking opportunity! We also are having crazy weather - high 80's last week. About 30 degrees above normal. Hopefully more normal this week.

Love the tins....I also have tons of tins. I use the large flat ones as magnet board for chart work.

Anonymous said...

We're having viscous wind here, too. It's been going on for almost a week.

Thank you for taking us along on your walk!

shannon said...


lexa said...

Our weather is like that here yesterday and today, too. It's almost like July. I did some raking in the yard, the kids played hockey out back, we took the dogs out back (where Maggie chewed through her harness, the little brat, cuz I wasn't sitting with her). Now we've got to get ready to go to my parents' place for ham. And I guess Maggie needs a new harness. Jewel chewed through one before, too, so I'm thinking they need chainmail like in the Middle Ages!!

Sharon said...

You are so fortunate to have such good, clear walking trails! I'm sure they will look lovely when they are in full bloom.

To think I threw all of my tins out because I thought they'd just collect dust! Yours are lovely.

Walden said...

I love buying candy tins or containers just to re-use them. My straight pin container still has a lovely fruity scent every time I open it up!

hannah said...

Nice trail you walked with Happy. I love reading you adventures with him. Ysja also wants to say 'hi' to every dog we pass and sometimes (or should I say often?) she is a bit of a monster too!

Nice tins you bought there.

2paw said...

Poor Happy, first a tree trunk and then the 'unfriendly' people. Gilly is always affronted when people do not fawn over her, and some little dogs can be very barky and scary even for Peri. Happy looks so grown up now, but I know that puppiness pops out at unexpected moments. I am thinking I will have to ahve a few extra walks to wear Gilly out. Happy is so brave to meet a horse!!!

Knatolee said...

A very lovely walk! And I love the tins.

My MIL in Toronto was freaked out by that wind the other night. They live in a highrise.

Michelle said...

I do the same thing with Nimitz and hills and let him pull me up. Love it! And you saw poodles. How exciting! We saw a few labs today which was fun. Haven't seen a shepherd really since the people down the street moved away with their two.

Robin said...

We have terribly high winds at this Ohio house. Used to be farmland so, even though there are plenty of trees and hills in our area - our property is flat and practically tree-less. The other day - 53 MPH winds. Blew our porch furniture (heavy chairs) out into the yard, etc. Love the Happy pictures! Looks like he had a great time playing outside. The roving and handspun pics are yummy, too. Supposed to be in the 80's here tomorrow and then cool again.

Virginia G said...

The photo of the stitch markers is just beautiful. It's absolutely perfect.

How are you hands/wrists doing?

charlie girl said...

I use the same square container for my double points.