Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just photos

April 14-backyard-19
I haven't shown you the first outside photos of Denny, and I forgot to mention, that he was at the petsmart a couple of times already. He's always the darling of the staff there. One woman in particular was very smitten with him, giving him belly rubs, and scratches behind the ears, and she wanted to take him home. Her co-worker, another woman, said, she thought this one was trouble. How true!
Somehow we ended up the only ones with dogs there, Happy came too. We wandered separately through the store and greeted people, who are more than willing to pet Denny, and adore him, while they are more cautious of Happy, because he's big, even though most think he's a female, because his built is slight and not bulky (yet, if ever). He's also shy, but with Denny as "role model" he's more daring. There are always people willing to pet him too, or trying to give him a treat, which I provided, but he's not taking treats from strangers. At least he's starting to get closer to have a sniff.
April 14-backyard-20
Anyway, it went very well, and we'll keep doing this, there are bound to be some dogs there eventually. We are thinking of signing him up for puppy classes as soon as he's 10 weeks old, just for socializing. They do treat training, so that's good.
April 14-backyard-8
All our dogs felt sick and vomited at least once before, but Denny hit the jackpot with three times with one car ride! At least last time he did not throw up, but he felt sick. I hope this will get better.
Happy is on a joy ride with my son, as I type this. Denny and Happy spend a lot of time together, but they need some alone time with each of us as well, and they obviously enjoy that time.

April 14-backyard-7

The first time we took Denny outside into the garden, he went straight for the (not yet opened) pool, and was about to get in, when David just caught him. Since then he gets his harness (which he hates) on, and has to stay on leash. Well, until yesterday, when it was so nice and sunny outside, and Happy was due for a play of Frisbee, when we decided to let the Gremlin loose. He went right after Happy, like he was a cow or something, ran around full of joy, and went straight for the pool again. I think he was thirsty, and wanted to drink, even though we have water for that in the wading pool or a bucket, but that was too far away. We just grabbed him at the last moment again. My heart skipped a beat again.

April 14-backyard-9
Our backyard is green on one side, and brown everywhere else. This was taken about a week ago. Today will be the first time this year to mow the lawn.

April 14-backyard-1

We call him Denny to his face, but Gremlin behind his back. I guess we should stop doing that, it's too negative.
He's so different, and we've got a lot to learn.



Anonymous said...

He's very cute! I can't imagine what a handful he is, though!

Susan said...

He is so cute! Happy too, of course ;)

You may want to check with the vet about taking him out where there are or were other dogs because of his age. Mine don't go out until they have two sets of shots. I won't put them in puppy classes unless the rule there is also two sets of shots. It's just too risky (parvo).

Michelle said...

I'm sure Happy will come out of his shell watching Denny get all the attention. One of my/my parents cats is nicknamed Genghis after Genghis Khan. She was quite the terror as a kitten! It's all a sign of love of affection. :-)

Sharon said...

Denny is so cute! I'm hoping for your sake his unpleasant side will get better.

Just repeat after me: things will get better, things will get better ...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think Gremlin is a great name!

lexa said...

He's a cutie, but you can tell he's got bugger written all over him! lol!

Robin said...

When Annie was a pup, I took her to a 6-week obedience training class. The teacher used clicker training with treats. It took Annie about 2 seconds to figure that out. All she had to do was hear a clicker - anyone's clicker in the class - and Annie would come to a halt, sit down, and wait for me to give her a treat! Love the pictures!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

He's gorgeous!

RC said...

he is just so cute, you can forgive him anything- almost. hopefully he will be out of the terrorizing age soon (while you still have hair)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Lovely set of photos! I feel like I've enjoyed a walk outside with you guys. It's fascinating to see the size differential in the one photo. Don't feel bad about the nickname.... I refer to "you know who" as "the monster."

Isabel S./Lisboa-Portugal said...

Lovely photos. They are both gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing with us.
Love xxxx
Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal

Knatolee said...

Puppy classes are a smart idea. He's so cute!