Monday, April 26, 2010

Burning stripes socks # 2

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-6

Alright, so pair # 1 and # 4 you've seen. This is pair # 2. I LOVE this pair. I tried to get out of my usual color comfort zone, and out came this.

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-9
No, my left foot is not longer.

pattern: Burning stripes socks by Susan Luni
yarn: blue: Regia uni/solid 4-ply, 1.25 balls; red: Louet Gems fingering weight 1 skein
needles: 2.5mm DP
size: for my feet
start-finish: March 31 - April 5, 2010

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-11

I did some modifications with this pair (as well as pair # 3). I knit the cuff plain, as well as the toe part. I did my German square heel, which I like best of all, but still let the contrasting stripe rund down the heel flap and along the underside of socks. I think this looks so pretty and makes the socks more interesting, even if you don't see much of it, while wearing them. It's enough that I know it's there. :o)

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-5

Even though I was a little tired of knitting striped socks, after the 4th pair (who wouldn't?), I know I'll be knitting more in the future, because they are great stash buster, especially with left over sock yarn.

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-2

Doggie news:
It was overcast yesterday most of the day. We still had fun outside. The little Gremlin ran around like mad, chewing up everything, digging like his big brother (same hole, just without water, sorry didn't have the camera).
Happy and I played Frisbee, when I threw it badly and it landed in the (not yet open) pool. There is rain water on top. Happy didn't even hesitate for a second, just jumped right after the darn Frisbee. My heart stopped, not only skipped, but I was at the edge in no time. He swam right to me, and got out on his own. Phew!
So we know he can swim, and didn't mind it either. Shook it off, and wanted to get on with the playing. He did get the Frisbee out too. My knees were still shaky, and I'd had enough excitement for the day. He still had to go wash his feet in the wading pool, and he enjoyed the rub down with a towel very much.

Also yesterday, he stood up to the little guy for real. He'd had enough of the harassment, and just put one of his big paws on Denny, pinning him down, and growled, rinse and repeat three times, after which he was left alone (for a while). Didn't sound pretty, because Denny wouldn't back down at first, but did eventually.
I was glad for Happy, because he gets nipped all over his body (come to think of it, HE did that to Biko too) all day, and he just yaps in pain. The Gremlin hangs off his lips, tail, and side all the time. You could see how confidence building that was for Happy.



2paw said...

Oh the colours in the socks just pop, they look great together. You are so good at stripes. I am not a good striper!!
Good dog news: about the swimming for a start!!! And good on Happy for showing Denny his place. Gilly still bites Peri, she hangs of her chops and bites her legs. Peri plays until she is sick of it and then she growls a tiny bit. It is the way of puppies: they bite and then they are the bitten!

Anna Gueldenhaupt said...

These are brilliant. I love the colour combination!

Ann said...

I must say, I really like the German heel. You take 2 og three knitstitches at the heelside? That is pretty. I will do that on my next socks.
Happy is a real hero. No hesitation.

Michelle said...

The aqua/red might be my favorite combo. It's quite trendy right now! Good for Happy! Nimitz will put up with puppy shenanigans for about five minutes and then he gives a loud correction. Scary to hear but quite effective until the puppy forgets.

knottygnome said...

i love the color combo. red/aqua is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Die sehen klasse aus, ich libe Ringelsocken !!!

Mo said...

Way to go Happy! It is a good thing he teaches the little one manners. I just hope he sticks with it.

I love the different versions of these striped socks!

Sharon V said...

Your socks are lovely & if I had 2 solid colors of sock yarn, I might even make myself a pair!

Boy oh boy! You have your hands full with Denny. I'm glad Happy is finally standing up for himself, it'll be interesting to see how that 'sibling rivalry' works itself out.

Kerry said...

I can't take it anymore! I've just bought the pattern for the socks. After seeing yours I just have to knit some for me. :-)

Mrs. A said...

Yay Happy! Sometimes it's tough being the big brother!

Great job on the socks - it's almost enough to motivate me to try the whole learn-to-knit-socks thing again. I think my favourite pair were the first you showed pictures of.

Frieda said...

Loved yesterdays' pics of the pups . Denny sounds like a real handful , but he's so cuuuute ! I can imagine how scared you were with Happy in the pool . Bingo got into the neighbour's yard once. They have an inground pool and he was just meandering around checking out the territory . I had visions of him at the bottom with me unable to rescue him . I can't swim to save my life , it scared the heck out of me .

Kathy... said...

THanks - I enjoyed the pup update. Happy is really growing up fast, isn't he. Having a pesky little brother..... LOL

Hmmm....perhaps I'll use a different heel too. I've never been a fan of short-row heels. Perhaps I'll give Susan's a try and see. Your socks are gorgeous though - perfect heel. I'm thinking of trying to spin the yarn for them....but my sock yarn has always been 2-ply in the past, and I think I would want a 3-ply. Not sure I can do that.....

Susan said...

I'm glad that Happy stood up for himself. It will help Denny learn his place, as he should. Isn't it funny how what goes around, comes around? The pesky pup becomes the grown-up disciplining other pesky pups. It reminds me of parents saying to their kids, "I hope someday you will have a child just like you!"

Can you feel where the yarn changes under the sole of those socks?

shannon said...

this is happy's way of showing denny who is boss. happy is alpha, for sure. they don't bring out the growls and such until they've had it. glad to hear the little one is learning. :)

i love love love those socks! there are now two sock patterns i am intrigued by (having never thought of knitting socks before this is a bit of a shock. lol).

CelticCastOn said...

awesome socks, I've added them to the queue, great colour combo.
yay for the swimmer Happy, although i'm sure it scared the devil out of you :)

Jeanne said...

Great socks - I really like the stripe down the bottom.

I'm glad Happy stop up for himself - Penny harassses our oldest dog Duncan and he's starting to say enough too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those socks. I would never have picked those colors to go together, but they are gorgeous!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm loving the striped socks!!! What do you think of the Louet Gems yarn?

I am thrilled for Happy too!!!! He's sweet natured but he needed to squash that Denny back down to size - LOL

Alice said...

I am in love with all the stripes! I think this color combo is my fave.