Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's the opposite of "exultant"?

Oh, yeah, that's me!
I've been feeling very uninspired lately. The past week has been unproductive. I've knit and ripped a hat. I've worked on a mitten, half done, and it's going to be ripped as well. It's too big! Nothing's going right at the moment, and nothing is really calling to me.

I've been reading Brooklyntweed's blog post, and must admit to feel a little stir of envy. He's so talented, and every project of Jared's is wonderful, in color, yarn, and design. Sigh. I'm glad he's sharing his talent though.

I'm just not feeling the love right now. I want to knit, but it's more like going through the motions, not much fun really.

Might this be the lost "mojo" so many refer to? I miss my camera, I've had several nice moments, I wanted to photograph, but couldn't. I think I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Pictures are of Biko (from my archive), when she's ready to go to bed, out in the hallway. She's off on her own, away from us, but has the entrance in her sight, so she knows what's going on, so she'll not miss anything.


picperfic said...

oh dear...I hate that feeling. How about going to sort a drawer of cupboard out. I always get my mojo back when I have done a bit of sorting out. Hope it returns soon!

Cloudberry said...

I've been having a bit of this myself today... After finishing my sweater I haven't really found anything that I really want to knit. So tonight I've been starting and ripping three different mittens...

So I'll see what tomorrow brings ;)
Hope you get your "mojo" back soon!

Kelley said...

I think it's been going around -- I've been in the doldrums myself. For me, it is partly related to the weather -- I can't bring myself to knit much when it's so warm outside!

Here's hoping it comes back soon!

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of Biko.

Hope your knitting doldrums go away but maybe you just need a No Knitting Break to recharge. I can't believe reading gave you a headache! Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

I think the end of Summer often heralds doldrums: here we are the opposite as Spring is coming soon. Harki and Biko like to do the same thing: Harki likes to lie in the hall so she can see every way in and out of the house. Hope you are feeling cheerier soon!!

Anonymous said...

O, dear Monika, I am so sorry you feel this way.

But I think everyone has these periods in life from time to time. So hang in there, it will come back, your camera will come home with your family.

I wish I could do something for you, cheer you up, but I am too far away for that.

I love the pictures of Biko by the way.

kiki said...

thanks for this post - also lost my mojo...but it helps to know that there are others and that i´m not alone =)
have a happy sunday!
all the best

Emma said...

I've been in the same kind of knitting slump for weeks now. It's pretty disheartening. I hope it goes away soon, for both of us!

shannon said...

that would be the mojo...

i usually lose it when it's crazy hot (like right now) or when there is a big thing I am almost done with (which is not like right now).

love the biko shots. :) always has to have an eye on the action.

Claudia Bugh said...

The pictures of Biko are precious :)

Lost mojo - oh no! My recommended cure for this is a fabulous skein of yarn and an easy scarf. High impact ~ low effort.

Or, you could bake a cake and not worry about it!

SNOWBIRD said...

Hang in there SHN's. We all feel we lose our "knitting mojo" now and then, but it usually finds us again somehow. I tote my knitting to work every day to give it a go at lunch, but usually end up playing cards on the computer or reading a book. Then there is that one day at lunch that the knitting calls out to me and I pick up the needles and go for it full force for my free hour. I look at the energy of the "new youngsters" knitting and give them "atta girls and boys" for their vim and vigor. I am so happy that this needlework has not become a lost art and that it is not gender specific and I can read all the blogs (including yours) that keeps me inspired to continue knitting. Thank you for all you do for the knitting community!

Tracy Purtscher said...

Yep that would be lost mojo....sorry

It's a fleeting ailment, you'll eventually be in the swing of things, but I know ho sucky it is right now for you....sigh

Don't dwell on it and try something else. sewing? more reading? baking? check out a few fashion magazines? go don the list of "things I always wanted to learn" and learn it? laundry? Oh sorry I didn't mean that! LOL

Kris B said...

I can relate to what you are saying. As a matter of fact I was debating about posting to my blog about knitting dissasters. All my projects lately haven't turned out the way I was hoping they would. I think I've lost my knitting confidence (sigh).

Hopefully things will feel better for you when you get your camera back.

I do love the pictures of Biko.

hakucho said...

I think you'll feel better once your family (including your camera) is back safe and sound! Hugs :)