Monday, August 04, 2008


Sometimes it's nice to be able to write a post in advance, no matter when you'll want to post it. I'm writing this on Sunday evening. I've just finished plying, which took hours (way longer then I anticipated). I had two finished projects to ply, and the one I'm showing today is NOT one of them. I still have to wind them on the niddy noddy, set the twist and let it dry, but I'm not going to do that tonight.

I do have this finished yarn to show you: "Fresh" pencil roving purchased at Dyed in the wool handmade fiber: colorway "Fresh", pencil roving, merino/sea cell blend, 8oz
yarn: 4-ply, 12 WPI, 2 skeins, one is 296yds, the other is 90yds. My first 4-ply yarn, and it's fun! This is a very rounded yarn, and it looks like I have to do 4-plies to get a thicker yarn around here.

It should not have happened, but it did. I had singles left over on one bobbin, so I navajo plied the rest and got 48yds. I like the 4-ply much better.

This was my last of three different colorways of pencil roving I bought from Maggie.

Pencil roving is a little bit boring to spin, too ready made, but sometimes it's just what you want, just to sit down and start spinning, without a lot of preparation. This roving had to be split in half, and it comes apart pretty easy. Nevertheless, I'm somewhat impatient with certain things, and after the first try, which entangled me from head to toes, because I'd started to part it from both ends, my son saved me, and proofed to be perfect for this job. I don't know where he gets the patience to do something like that. I was ready to shred it all. He wound everything in tidy balls, so I just had to sit down and spin. Nice service! ;o)

I know, don't say it, there's orange in it! I really just needed some easy spinning to relax. But I promise, both of next couple of colorways will not be in any kind of orange shade!!!

My creation

I really don't want to bore you with bunny stories, but last night we all got very distressed. At around two o'clock in the morning, there was a bunny being killed by a cat. This darn thing didn't do a good job of it, and the whole neighbourhood had to listen to the poor bunny's cries. It happened right outside my bedroom window in the front yard. The dogs barked like mad, and eventually started to howl. I had to leave my bedroom to go somewhere else because I could not listen to it any longer. I'm sorry but something like that gets to me. I know it has to happen, but if so, please be quick about it!
I returned to my bed, after the dogs where silent for quite some time. I also sent my son to listen, if it was over. Ah, it's just horrible!
The good news was, as we went outside in the morning (this time it was the back yard), I saw a bunny hurrying from the pool house under our winter garden. So there are still some around.
The next picture is for Michelle: This is one grocery bag full of Sam hair. This came out after his bubble bath with the first brush through. I did it two more times, with the same result, and yes, he's still got enough left, in fact it's time for him to be brushed again. He doesn't like it very much.


lexa said...

Jewel is a lot better being combed out when Hubs does it. She isn't overly fond of it, but she sheds like crazy! I've thought about keeping it and getting one of the Knit Nite girls who spin to spin some. It's super soft, and it adds up super fast!

Anonymous said...

What a horrible bunny story. I know it isn't much fun when a cat is catching something. Our cat catches mouses and like you: I can't see or hear it either.

I love your yarn, I think the orange is very nice in it.

What are you going to do with all that hair from Sam?

Romi said...

Beautiful yarn!

And cats do play with their prey, unfortunately. Which reminds me. Gotta go feed mine!

Kris B said...

Your 4-ply turned out awesome! I have yet to try 4 ply, mainly because I only have 3 bobbins.

The bunny incident sounds very distressing. I would have had to leave the room to.

It's amazing how much fiber a dog can produce. Sam's looks like a big cotton ball all so fluffy and white.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the one depicted here knitted up. The colouring is very very elegant! You have a brilliant eye for colour!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Beautiful beautiful yarn/spinning. I think a touch of orange adds to many colorways.

Are you sure Sam has any fur left????

We have coyotes not cats in Topanga and listening to them in the night will curdle your blood.

Anonymous said...

Monika, das sind wieder so herrliche Fotos!

4-ply - Wahnsinn! Ich bin schon fast für 2-ply zu ungeduldig. Kaum habe ich eine Spule voll, möchte ich den nächsten Kammzug auf's Spinnrad nehmen.

Wie so eine Art Zweite-Socke-Syndrom *g*

Liebe Grüße

Maggie said...

That really turned out pretty! I agree about spinning the pencil roving - sometimes it's just the mindless type of spinning you need, just like how sometimes it's nice to knit on a mindless stockinette sock! My favourite prep to spin from usually is a carded batt.

I have not yet tried a 4-ply. 296yds times 4! That's a lot of spinning!

Oh, the poor rabbit. I don't begrudge the cat its nature, but I certainly don't want to hear it, either! Was this one of the bunnies you'd saved from Sam a little while ago? Sad.

Anonymous said...

What a ride! I was happy to see your spinning, then so sad to read the bunny part and then happy to see Sams hair. Such an emotional roller coaster. :-) Do you know you'll make with the Sam hair yet? How cute would it be to make him a sweater out of himself!

Unknown said...

Love the 4-ply.

Anonymous said...

Aw, the poor bunnies. Poor you. It's a harsh world out there but I'd hate to be reminded of it like that!

The oranges and blues yarn is so pretty! And now your son is useful. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous yarn.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely yarn
I considered trying my hand a spinning, but after checking out several blogs, I've changed my mind. It seems like A LOT of work!
Kudos to you for doing it!
my old dog Buster use to shed like that, he was a shepherd/lab cross, so it probably wasn't quite so much, but it really made you wonder how he didn't go bald.

Mariella said...

Here's my bunny story:
My daughter woke up one morning to let her cat in and he dashed in very quickly. He was carrying a poor little bedraggled bunny. She shrieked, hubby shoosed the cat with his catch outside again.
Poor bunnies...

Beverly said...

So sorry you had to deal with nature at its' worst.

The spinning is lovely. Are you ready to start spinning Sam?

hakucho said...

Awesome photo mosaic of your handspun
yarn :)

Windyridge said...

Such lovely cheerful colors!

T-Mom said...

I wish I had the time and inclination to spin--I have 5 bags of undercoat I saved from Stella, and one bag from Timber so far. I'd have more, but he's so hard to groom! He's such a big baby, one little tug and you'd think I'd just yanked out half his hair.

Ages ago someone on line used to offer hand-painted Samoyed yarn--it's so sparkly white, like Sam's coat, that the colors would stay bright and pure, and not be shaded down. I made a pair of socks out of it and I LOVED them--they were so soft and warm--but if I ever got another batch to work with, I'd make sure to knit a strand of nylon into the heels and soles (mine wore out on the ball of the foot first).