Wednesday, September 27, 2006

E.Z's Ganomy Hat!

Wow, black is really hard to photograph! Last night (it always happens at night), I've started the Ganomy hat. It's going to be a B-day present for David. His favorite "color" is black. So in order for him to wear anything I make I had to get some black yarn. This was made with Pure Alpaca from It's so soft and slippery too. I've tried on the hat and it's incredible warm.

The pattern is from E.Z.'s Knitter's Almanac - June. If you know her you know that her directions leave a lot open for interpretations. My first try landed in the frog pond. It was way to long and I ran out of yarn. This morning I ripped it back quite a bit. Still I've ended up with a hump on top. You look like a smurf with this hat on. I'm not sure David will wear it as it is now. I've looked closely at E.Z's Ganomy hats. They are long on top too, but she'd put bobbles on them. Oh, well, if he wont wear it, I'll warm my head whilst shoveling snow in the month to come. I don't want to rip it out again, because (main reason) I've already woven in the ends.
Another piece which landed in the frog pond is the landscape scarf by E. Clark (pattern Fiber Trends). I must say, lace is still not my friend. This one bugged me no end. I had actually done about 30 rows more as in the picture. I made mistakes all over the place, even with the marker in place. I hated making the picot edge, even though they just HAVE to be there, for the looks. I like the Landscape schawl, but this one will have to wait for a while.

Still working on the second pair of Flow Motion socks. Knitting the same pattern twice, right one after the other, was not such a good idea. Got bored a bit. Now, before I'll start something new, why not finish a few things? I've also knit the end border of my Bedbugs lace scarf. Now I have to get some courage to graft it together. God help me with that! ;o)


Violiknit said...

OOh!!! I love that hat! I've had Knitters Almanac for a few years already and it never dawned on me that the Ganomy hat could be so cool! About those dickeys; I've made the Dickey von Beethoven and a few Tricky Dickeys. I feel Dicky von B is a superior fit (it covers better around the back of the neck, shoulders, etc., and is looser around the neck). I found the invisible cast on a bit difficult at the end. With the Trickys, I lengthened the front bit and did more rows of the ending rib border (again to lengthen it). This is because my first Tricky kept coming out of my jacket in the front, and at the back of my neck. Hope that helps! :)
p.s. I posted a link to a lengthwise scarf pattern on my blog, but I'll write it here too:

Carrie K said...

I'll have to see what that hat looks like in her book. EZ's fun but she can be maddenly vague.

You frogged that lace scarf? But it was so cute! But it you're not feeling the love, you're not feeling it.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

that hat is WONDERFUL! i know far too many people who would look smashing in it.lucky little david...

Abigale said...

I made one of those ganomy hats for my oldest son! My very very favourite part of the pattern is where she says that for the bobble, one can insert a ping pong ball so the hat will float in case of emergency.

Always cracks me up! I was just looking at that over the weekend, and the BF said something like, he wanted a hat made out of Rock Star cans - like the old beer hats from the 70's, and I could put in a ping pong ball bobble, so it would float in emergencies.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered if it isn't called Ganomy because it is pointed on top and makes you look like a Gnome. You know, a Ga-nome? I'll bet it is warm and cozy.