Monday, September 25, 2006


First of, Sam think's he is people too! Whenever we sit around the coffee table and talk, he sits down pretty on the sofa and listens. Biko has never done that.

Now we come to the transformation part. On the right you see an ugly ball of sock yarn. I really didn't like it at all (was given to me), but after knitting it, it was not so awful any more. Still don't like it much, but I can at least look at it now.
I made socks as a gift and know that the one getting them will like the colors at least. It's a simple sock with a K3, P1 leg. The foot is simple stockinett stitch. I did try out a new heel though. It's the jojo heel. I found the instructions on the Lana Grossa website. If you really want to know, I'll look it up. Anyway, I like this heel. It's fast and easy and there are no ugly ridges or pumps. If you don't have a high instep, it will work out great! With this pair I did 3 heels, because I had to rip out the second one (not because of the heel, but because of the yarn).
Notice the matching stripes! I started the first sock from the outside and as is my way of doing socks now, started the second one right away from the inside. I noticed that the stripes will match and was very happy about it. I had to cut the yarn after the second heel though, otherwise I would have had one blue row after the heel. But it turned out fine.
By the way, this pair of socks was made with appr. 24,640 stitches, not counting knitting the heel a second time. Pretty impressive! My son said, " you are nuts". Well ...Yarn used:Super Soxx by Lang& Co, 78 g of the 100 g ball. I made mens size 11 and the legs are 8 inches high. The ballband said 2.5-3.5 needles. I've started out with 2.5 but changed after the toes to 2.25mm, much better fabric. I could have used 2mm , would have been fine also. O.K. enough said about the socks.
Now see here: My ugly selfdyed is not so ugly anymore! I quite like it knitted up. It's going to be the Flow Motion socks by Cat Bordhi again. I just love the pattern. I use 3.75mm needles to get a smaller sock, for women's size 9. The last ones were made with 4mm needles and they fit my 10.5 foot perfectly. (You can't change the sts count with this pattern. Only by changing yarn and needle size can you achieve a smaller or bigger sock).

I'm actually further along with the sock. I've also another project on the needles which will also be a gift. More about that the next time.

I go knit now.
Oh yeah,
the moral of this story, don't be too hasty in judging yarn you haven't knit with yet! ;o)


Margie: What I meant with one sock from the outside and the second one from the inside, was that I started knitting the first sock with the yarn from the outside of the ball (if the ball is a big one 100g and makes a pair of socks). I start knitting the second sock right away, so I don't get the second sock syndrom and pull out the end of the yarn inside the ball. Sometimes I divide it into two balls so they will not hang together. I hope I didn't confuse you too much! ;o)

Dipsy Doodle: On the LanaGrossa website you have to go to "Der Stricktipp./Knitting Tip". There you'll find "Sockenmit JOJO-Ferse" (Socks with JOJO-Heel) and other great tips.

I really liked the JOJO heel. Have fun!


Beverly said...

Your self-dyed yarn is definitely not ugly. It's very pretty.

Jeanne said...

I told you!:-) It does look *exactly* like the yarn I dyed and knit into a hat for Sofia.

Stephanie said...

I like the tweedy looking socks - althugh you are right - it's not that cute until it is knit up. I LOVE your self dyed yarn - that is knitting up beautifully!

Martina said...

I love the red socks! The others are very well done! A nice man's sock.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monika
De lurking to tell you that those are the best looking "ugly " socks I've seen! Ditto for the "ugly" hand dyed yarn.

You said "I started the first sock from the outside and as is my way of doing socks now, started the second one right away from the inside. Can you give a link that explains what you mean?
( a long time lurker)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your socks are amazing! I bow my head in shame seeing these beauties, all I've been doing lately seems to be frogging ;(
I haven't heard of the jojo heel before, but as I can tell from the pics, it's the perfect heel version! Would you mind looking it up and posting the URL, perhaps? I'd so like to try it out!

Anonymous said...

Oh Monika, your pix of Sam brought back the memories of my beloved Toby, now gone for almost 20 years. He used to do the same thing, it was so funny seeing this standard poodle positioning his "bopschi/behind" on the sofa and sitting and listening and being social, I miss him!
btw I love the colors in your self dyed yarn, these socks are turning out really nice - will have to try out the jo-jo heel - thanks for the tip :=))

Stephanie said...

I love the grey-blue striped socks!

Anonymous said...

Ich finde deine selbstgefärbte Wolle WUNDERSCHÖN! Zum Glück gefällt es dir jetzt e selber auch!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new heel tip - I love trying a new heel (I always seem to go back to the flap heel though)
Your socks are great - I just knew that hand dyed would knit up nicely!

Anonymous said...

The socks striped up very prettily and you matched them! Awesome.

Sam is sitting very pretty. In fact, he looks like he's wondering if you're going to serve him coffee or a beer. ;)

Anonymous said...

It does look very nice knitted up! Great job!

Diane said...

Ugly self dyed yarn always looks better knit. There should probably be a label that instantly appears on self dyed ugly yarn that says, "Don't throw me out because I'll look much better if you knit me into a sock."