Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I've caught the lace-bug!

Oh merde! Could you wack me over the head please? I've just lost my post to a hasty click!
Well, lets try it again. I've finished my birthday presents and the pictures will be coming soon. For a minute or two I was lost, thinking, what to knit next. While I was thinking I grabbed my courthouse steps blanket and knit a few rows (logs rather). After that I knit some on my vest, made a mistake and had to rip it out again. No fun! I could not face it again right away, so I rooted around in my magazine rack. Well hello! There was lace on my mind all along! I've received my knit picks order yesterday. It's all lace weight yarn, pretty much everything they have. I have no clue what yarn is real good for lace knitting, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.
Some time ago (actually a few month ago) I saw this pretty lace scarf on Donna's blog. I'm talking about the Trellis scarf by Evelyn A. Clark of course. It was so beautiful in a dark, midnight blue color. One could see the pattern really well and that was the first time I liked a lacey thing. To my surprise I even had the Interweave Knits Spring 2006 magazine with the pattern in it, but the picture in it was not the best shot they could have taken. Nothing as beautiful as Donna's scarf! It was on my to do list for so long now. So, last night at around midnight, I took out the pattern and the yarn. To my delight they've used Knit picks Alpaca cloud for it and I happened to have it right there, never mind the different color. I'm using Iris for it. I love this color. You have to see it up close to appreciate it! Anyway, last night I cast on and knit to row 11. I'm going to rip it out again though, because the needles I'm using have a firm grip on my stitches and it's hard work to get them from one needle to the other. I'll try my addi turbo's instead. I'm sure it will make a difference, because I'm not a tight knitter.
Well, as I said, I've got lace on my mind. Yesterday, I was browsing through and found some lace patterns and a lace pattern book as well as "Knitting without tears" by Elizabeth Zimmermann (the only book by her I do not own yet). I've got a lot of elann points and so I ordered the whole shebang. It will cost my only $20.00 bucks. I like the elann points system very much! ;o)
So, please cross your fingers, I'm hoping this lace experience will broaden my horizon and turn out beautifully!


Anonymous said...

Hey Monica - look at my post from yesterday!! Almost the same picture.I think we are on the same wave length....I'm even using the Iris colorway - watch out!!! It is seriously slippery yarn! I found out the hard way.

Anonymous said...

I've almost given up a few times too. This is a really hard lace pattern ESPECIALLY for your 1st one- not even easy to memorize which means you have to look at the chart all the time and those k7 together are hell - I've tried 2 different needles and found one that works - sometimes. I think for your 1st lace project there are so many others that would be more fun and the other Knitpicks lace yarn I've tried are easier too - You'll like Shadow.I'm continuing - for now....we'll see how it goes.