Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OneSkein secrete pal revealed!

I just picked up yesterday's mail and what a surprise there was! I've got my OneSkein secret pal final present. Look at this wonderful and beautifully knit beret (yarn: Rowan plaid-merino/acrylic/alpaca) and a most lovely yarn it is! I Love the colors (which do not show on this foto)! And an added bonus which was not necessary but very much appreciated - yarn. It's handpainted Originals (Brown Sheep Company) mohair and wool mix. See the Art Deco card in the background? I Love Art Deco and have a small collection of cards like this one.
Dear Jeanne , I thank you very much! This is a lovely gift and as you could see on previous posts, I've already used up the other skeins you've send me to make VERY comfortable accessories for the coming winter!
I don't think I'll be wearing this beret though (big head) but my daughter has a head which can be adorned with almost anything and looks good. So I hope you don't mind. She's the one in our family who loves to wear stuff on her head. The next time she'll be home I'll take a picture and you'll know what I mean.

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