Thursday, September 20, 2012


What do you do when you can't use your arm? My right shoulder joint, as well as the elbow, and wrist have been acting up lately. This time however, even with pain killers, every movement is painful.
Just twiddling my thumbs is just not going to happen. For one day I thought I could do without knitting, and spinning, to give the old shoulder a rest. But it's hard! Since I can't knit, I ripped out a WIP. Also very satisfying.

What's left is reading, and eating. I baked something. It was an experiment. It was delicious!

Italian Prunes & Ricotta pie, gluten free

I made Italian Prunes & Ricotta pies! I used an Almond pie crust, no gluten in any of it. I mixed together ricotta cheese, eggs, cinnamon, maple syrup, a little coconut flour, vanilla flavor, salt, put some halved prunes on top of it, and topped it off with some almond, butter, salt, maple syrup crumble. Voila!
It started out as a pie, but turned into some delicious crumble on the plate. No matter.

Italian Prunes & Ricotta pie, gluten free

Denny didn't feel so hot either. He's got tummy troubles, started during the night. I keep telling him, to stop eating crap, and stealing from the counter, but does he listen? NO! He still cracks me up, because he dragged the one mat beside the other, because it was clearly much better to sleep there.

August 4-Denny

The Whiteies relaxed in the studio, watching the world go by through the window.Maggie doesn't look very relaxed here. That's because I called her, and there was something going on outside as well, as you can see how she has one ear on me, and one tuned to the outside.

Maggie and Happy

I hope my right arm improves fast, because right now it hangs there like a limp noodle, and hurts with each movement. I didn't know how much a shoulder has to work for an arm to function. It really sucks.

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momsue84 said...

So sorry to hear you are in pain, Monika! We knitters pay a hefty price for our craft, sometimes. Here's hoping the pain goes away soon! Denny, too, on the tummy troubles. Milo gets into stuff in our yard once in a while, too.

Lorraine said...

Monika- it is hard when you're out of commission, but you don't want to do any permanent damage.

The food looks amazing.

The dogs crack me up.

Herta Haunschmid /quer durchs leben said...

Monika, bei diesem tollen Zwetschkenkuchen da fließt einem ja das Wasser im Munde zusammen und jetzt einen guten Kaffee dazu.....ein Traum.

Liebe Grüße aus der Heimat

CelticCastOn said...

Sorry to hear you are hurting right now.
Take it easy so that you can get back to it.
Why don't you give Denny some knitting to occupy him.... might keep him out of trouble for a bit...

lookinout said...

What about physio? It can be really worth it.

Walden said...

The crumble looks delicious!

I hope you and Denny both feel better soon!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Hope you and Denny are feeling better soon!

Grammy Braxton said...

You better believe it sucks! Rest will help but take it easy afterwards, give it time to get back. I have a deteriorated shoulder joint on the left and when I over stress my left arm, I have the same problem and the pain makes me want to drink!

Your food looks soooooo good! I'm not much a fan of prunes but I believe I could eat them in that crumble/pie.

Take care, rest and give everything time to get back.


Lifesastitch said...

The picture of canine nobility!

Sharon said...

Here's hoping your don't have that repetitive motion pain. That takes a little time to recover from, it happened to me. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

Denny's too cute to be feeling poorly and I hope he bounces back quick, too.

Virginia G said...

So sorry about the arm/shoulder. I hope it gets better soon too. Being in pain sucks.

Heike said...

Liebe Monika,

ich wünsche Dir, daß Du schnell wieder gesund wirst. Wenigsten soweit, daß Du wieder stricken und spinnen kannst.
Ich weiß ja wie das ist - da kriegt man echt die Krise. Ich jedenfalls.

Aber Dein Zwetschgenkuchen ist ´ne Wucht!! Wenn es nicht so weit wäre würde ich Dich mal besuchen (in der Hoffnung ein Stückchen probieren zu dürfen)

Viele Grüße

2paw said...

Oh, how awful it is when you have a sore arm or shoulder. I hope it is better soon. You made me laugh with The Whities!! Poor Maggie having so many things to concentrate on. Poor Denny with his tummy troubles. He is in charge of the house decorations too then?? happy has his wriggly mouth on as well. Your cooking experiment looks so delicious. Are they plums nearby??

Bea said...

Hallo Monika,

das kenn ich.
Echt doof, wenn nichts mehr geht.
Aber das geht auch wieder weg, es dauert halt.
Wenn der Schmerz nachlässt, kann ich dir nur raten, erstmal für mindestend ein halbes Jahr keine dickeren Nadeln als 3 mm in die Hand zu nehmen.
Je dicker die Nadeln, umso größer die Bewegung in der Hand, umso mehr kommt oben in der Schulter an.

Grüßle, die Bea