Friday, September 07, 2012

Of course there's always an exception ....

As I said before, our dogs don't jump into the pool from the side, but use the stairs instead. That was true throughout the summer, until one evening, when I was swimming, and the pups, namely Denny, were not banned from being outside during that time. Because of course, he could not stand seeing me in the water, so he teetered for a while, before he made an ungraceful plunge to come and rescue me, whether I wanted it or not.

He is not the most confident swimmer, and does not enjoy it as much as the other two, but he likes to cool down, and has to retrieve his toys, when they are unlucky enough to be in that situation. Usually his first response is to look at me, and then look at the net, urging me with his high pitched barks to get it OUT, get it OUT already. If I don't, he has to jump in himself.

The funny thing is, that he would only jump in from the very same spot he did the first time, no other spot ever, and I have to encourage him to get his toy, to do it. Have a look. I had to through in his beloved squeeky toy several times to get the pictures, and after the last time, he gave me the evil eye, so I stopped. :o)

September 5-afternoon-2
Still depating with himself if he should or shouldn't jump.

September 5-afternoon-1

September 5-afternoon-4
See how high the water splashed? It's like throwing in a sack of potatoes. Not very graceful, Denny!

September 5-afternoon-5
Still klinging to the edge with curled toes. Hard to let go sometimes ... the landing looked like a painful belly flop. Happy is all excited about the whole thing, running in circles around the pool. He must have thought Deny to be so daring, and cool. ;o)

September 5-afternoon-3
But he's got it!

September 5-afternoon-8

He's had enough.


wolltrunken said...

Koestlich! Ich musste ein paarmal laut loslachen!

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit

momsue84 said...

So much fun to see the antics of your pups!! Good for Denny! Hope you all have a terrific weekend. We finally had a day, yesterday, with no smoke in the air!!

2paw said...

I just love your stories of Doggy Doings!! Denny actually looks very elegant mid dive. You are so lucky to be 'rescued'!! How funny. Happy is probably worried that he will need to be rescuing Denny!!

monica said...

The picture of Denny hanging on with his toenails cracks me up!

Catherine said...

well done for catching the big leap!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica
Welcome back! Love the graduated color yarns and it's good to see the antics of your dogs again.

Walden said...

Even through his fear he's much braver than Wookie, I'm sure he would just give up all hope for the toy and move on.

I was proud of him this weekend when he willingly went walking down a creek with us! :)