Friday, September 21, 2012

Handspun Friday is back! - Galactic Melt

Thanks for your warm and kind thoughts, and wishes for my bum wing. One day rest did a lot of good, but I'm definitely going to take it easy for a while. At least I was able to lift the right arm by itself, without the help of my left hand. Anyway, don't want to be too whiny! Denny is a lot better too, thanks! He "buried" the same bone several times today, and was very pleased with himself. I can still see it through the window from here. Heh!

There is a spin along/knit along going on in the Nest group on Ravelry. I couldn't say no to it, so I joined in on the fun, grabbed Galactic Melt from my Nestfiberstudio stash, and some red Nestlets, and started spinning for socks. Did I mention the SAL/KAL is called Warm Toes?

Here's the fiber: Galactic Melt on Falkland, 4oz

NFS-4oz Falkland-Galactic Melt-front

and some Nestlets on BFL, and variegated BFL (Nestlets are 1oz balls from different colorways coming in one bag between 4-8oz I belief). I've used some of it, and had some red and yellow ones left over in the amount of 1.7oz.


I must admit I love the yarn I made from these:

Nestfiberstudio-Warm Toes SAL/KAL-yarn for first sock

I spun one skein for each sock, since I wouldn't have had space on the bobbin for 5.7oz in one go.
Nestfiberstudio-Warm Toes SAL/KAL-yarn for first sock

There's a little bit of yellow sticking out.
Nestfiberstudio-Warm Toes SAL/KAL-yarn for first sock-Falkland/BFL

Here are both skeins: a total of 556yds, chain plied.

Nestfiberstudio-Galactic Melt-Falkland & BFLNestlets-both skeins ~ 556yds

Next time I'll show you the finished socks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥


Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

You mean, drooling Friday is back... sigh, you make such beautiful yarn! ;)

2paw said...

Oh those nestlets are so cute and the wool you made is just lovely. I am so glad you arm is better and Denny's tummy too.

Sharon said...

Yay, you're healed! Your new yarn looks like candy and nestlets are a very clever idea.

Walden said...

Love how they turned out!

Wanderingcatstudio said...


Knatolee said...

Great colours!! What a fresh combo.
Hope you and Denny are feeling 100% very soon!

Grammy Braxton said...

Glad your arm is better. Continue to take it easy and before you know it, everything will be all fixed.

Love the yarn, such pretty blending.