Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back in May ...

This was actually in Mid May, which was really warm this year. I thought the ground was so pretty, and so did Denny.

May 15-3

A little sniff there.
May 15-7

Happy was in his element, when I rolled out the pool hose. He's the best pool boy EVER!

May 15-15

See Denny in the background? He hates to get wet like that.

May 15-17

May 15-16

That's why he was backing up slowly. Happy rather enjoys it.

May 15-20

May 15-21

He's really hard at work ...

May 15-19

... and very pleased with himself for detouring the water, where it shouldn't go.

May 15-24

A job well done.


Bobbie said...

Love those pups!!!!! :-)

Sharon said...

It's always my pleasure to see your pups in action. Clearly Happy is the water dog, while Denny is (mostly) a land lover.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'd take a pool boy like Happy over a human pool boy any day... now I just need a pool!

Rebecca said...

So very funny since I posted about how my pooch likes water, too! What a cutie HAPPY is!

2paw said...

The blossoms are so beautiful and who knew Denny has such a sensitive artistic aside?? Thank goodness Happy is on the job with that hose, who knows who it could have soaked!!