Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's too cold for me now to go swimming, but the pool is still open until October 16th, since the dogs are no wimps, when it comes to cold water. They still enjoy swimming, when the sun is shining during the day, and I open up the gate to the stairs. Denny has definitely learned to jump in, whenever he's hot, from the side, but still only from HIS certain spot.

Happy IS his name, if you know what I mean.

June 28-14-Happy

Wet, and happy, and tired.

June 28-13-Happy

June 28-12

It's not often you can see Denny moving at a fast pace like this.

June 28-11-Happy

And Maggie is like a Chipmunk on caffeine. She's always on the move. 

June 28-Maggie-9

Some time ago I bought  myself this yarn bowl. Used it every day from the day I've got it, but about a month ago, I picked it up to move from the deck where I've been happily knitting, inside the house, when it broke in my hand, and cut my left pointy finger in the process. I was sad, and angry at the same time, since this bowl didn't last long. I love to use a yarn bowl, it's really handy.
So, after seeing a lovely one made from wood, I went and got myself this beauty.

wooden yarn bowl by Tim Campbell of Twisted Timber

I stuffed some fiber in it, so it wouldn't look so bare, but it's already in use now, holding my yarn for a cowl I'm knitting.

London Fog brioche cowl

It was a pleasure to deal with Tim of  Twisted Timber Woodturning. The bowl is worked beautifully, and hopefully will last a lot longer then the first one.

And I did say this is a random post, because really, I have to show you these:

Bora Bora Fire Balls

They are called "Bora Bora Fire Balls", the recipe is from the book Well Fed. I've tried many recipes from this book, they are ALL wonderful. They are a combination of savory and sweet. Made with ground pork, and crushed pineapples and rolled in toasted, shredded coconut. The fire comes from Cayenne pepper, and Jalapenos, used in the meat, the shredded coconut mixture, and in the sauce too.

I made these with my daughter, who gets me to try new recipes on her weekly visits. If it were just me, I would cook the same thing over and over, not wanting to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But it's worth it, those balls were delicious, especially with the "sunshine sauce" also from this book.

Alright, that's it for today!


Knatolee said...

The dogs looks so happy! And the fire balls make me hungry. Yum!

Walden said...

Love the sight of happy puppies!

The yarn bowl looks beautiful and will hopefully last for many years to come.

Your cowl looks interesting and the colors go well together.

The Bora Bora Fire Balls look delicious, I will have to try them, I think I own that book.

Zenitude said...

I love the yarn bowl but especially love the knitting going on...I must know what it is!!! I suspect it might be something like the Brioche cowl.

juniperjune said...

i can't wait to see how that cowl comes out; it looks gorgeous!

2paw said...

I love that your pool is still 'open'!! Happy is always happy and he looks fabulous wet and dry!! Denny can go quite fast can't he?? And Miss Maggie is as beautiful as ever. I love your meatballs, they sound delicious. I love the sweet and sour flavours together and well done for trying new things. Nigel Slater had a TV series all about using two attributes- sweet & sour, crispy & soft etc. That's a nice new wooden wool bowl!!

Sharon said...

The pups are lucky to still have weather good enough to swim in. Here it's chilly or raining, sometimes both and it gets dark really quick, too.

Enjoy the last 'dog days' because Fall is upon us.

monica said...

I love those happy pups! That yarn bowl is gorgeous!