Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Devils

This morning, when I took out Denny for his second weewee, we looked on in astonishment, when a herd of people, dressed in red, with Santa hats, and bells, paired in two, trotted by our house, and down the road. It was not a dream, and it was actually nice. They chatted while trotting, and a few had on those bright yellow vests for safety. This was about 9AM.
After watching them disappear around the bend, Denny did his deed, and suddenly a straggler came running by. Denny cheered her on something fierce, and she yelled "Sorry!", while whizzing by. Nothing to be sorry for, Lady! I enjoyed this unexpected weird event.

Now, it's 10:15AM, and by chance I look out the window, and see another group, coming from the opposite direction running by. I don't think it's the same people, some where dressed as elves this time. Couldn't hear anything, since the windows are closed.
Anyway, this made my day, plus the pups where entertaining this morning too.

We are always thrilled when we find a toy for the dogs, which doesn't get destroyed in the first five minutes of bringing it home. So when we do find one, which resists, we try to get some more.
I made the mistake of giving those little devils to the pups, before I thought of taking a picture. When I finally picked up the camera to take some, they were all excited about it, and could not wait to play with them.

The pink one was meant for Happy, since it does not have horns. He's been a good boy. But they don't care about color etc. They just want to grab one, and squeak away.

little devils

I must say, Happy is learning all kinds of bad things from Denny. Since the D-man does those things all the time, like jumping up on the table with his front paws, and gets results, Happy has learned to do that too, although not very often. This shows you how excited he is about these toys.

little devils

Apparently it's first come, first serve.
little devils

Maggie is interested as well, but she's holding back.

little devils

I'll put up a video of them playing later, if and when it ever gets uploaded. It's 5 minutes of watching them play. Don't know it you'll want to watch that long. I played it once, and the pups got all excited, hearing somebody else play with their squeaky toys.

The video is here!!!

Now it's back for me to do some more cleaning, maybe some baking, if I'm still in the mood after the before mentioned activity.



Walden said...

They are all so adorable together. That is one thing I cannot wait for, when we get a house, I want Wookie to have a friend/playmate. . . not so sure he'll appreciate it at first, but I know he's missing out.

monica said...

The pups are so cute!! I like those little devil toys. They make fun noises.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lady has one of those little devils. They are great - and really take a beating!

Delusional Knitter said...

So cute. I love that Happy is picking the pink one!

TracyKM said...

Are those the "balloon animal" toys? My dog is hard on toys too, so we're always looking for suggestions!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You cracked me up with the description of your "unexpectedly weird" morning sighting! What fun :)

Love seeing the pups and their toys ~

Ivete said...

I bought one of those toys for Arnold about a year ago and it lasted less than a day! He bit the little horn off and swallowed it, totally freaking me out. Hope your pups do better with them! =)

2paw said...

I loved the video. happy was doing a lot of squeaking by himself but Maggie was sooo funny. I love the way she only wanted Denny's toy but was never quite brave enough to grab it when she had the chance. I'm glad she had a play with the pink toy at the end. Denny is quite the table leaner, isn't he?? Gilly enjoyed the squeaing too. We have Santa races on beaches here and another Santa was wandering through town in 30*C heat waving to everyone in cars!!!

CelticCastOn said...

lol It's funny that Maggie just runs around to see what the other two are doing. I think Boss would really enjoy one of these squeakers without killing it.

TracyKM said...

If you're watching this video around Christmas (don't know how long it will last), click on the snowflake near the volume slider! Adorable!

Virginia G said...

The video was pretty funny. Entertained Georgia and I for a bit.