Monday, December 05, 2011

Candles in the Wind

Lore asked me if I wanted to test knit this scarf/cowl, after I've left a comment on her ravalry project page. Of course I wanted to do that! Seeing her photos of the finished cowl, I liked it.

Candles in the Wind cowl

Candles in the Wind cowl

Candles in the Wind cowl

pattern: Candles in the Wind by Loredana Gianferri

yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns Fluffy Cat Lite, colorway Steel. That's just wonderful yarn to work with, and to have next to skein. It's got a lovely drape as well. I'm glad I have more of it in my stash. I needed the whole skein, well with a few yards left over.

needles: 4mm

modifications: I did the double-start long tail cast on by Nancy Bush; because I was afraid of running out of yarn, I did three rounds less, one each for the candle, and on purl round in the middle; I didn't like the slip stitch "wick" of the candle, so I made it twisted stitches on the second half of the cowl.

Well, there you have it!



Look what I've just discovered the other day! My giant peace lily in our dining room:

giant peace lily in my dining room

will have a lovely flower soon! First time since I've got it!

giant peace lily in my dining room soon to have a lovely flower



Cloudberry said...

Beautiful cowl. And I have never seen a peace lily as big as yours before. I think they have such beautiful flowers!

My Five Sons said...

OMG that is beautiful! Im putting on my to do list! And that Peace Lilly is devine!

Kathy... said...

OH! Isn't that a lovely surprise! Beautiful cowl too. :)

Susan said...

Ooh, that's an evil link to Wandering Cat yarns. I've never seen them before and they are so beautiful.

Lovely cowl. So sophisticated and versatile.

Sweet plant, offering you a flower after all that time.

I haven't heard anything about your weather lately but I'm not asking....

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely. I was wearing a Fluffy cat shawl the other day and thinking I need another one!

I had a peace lily, but I gave it to Mom - Rocky kept digging in it.

Beverly said...

Lovely shawl and yarn.

OMG! I didn't know there was such a thing as a giant peace lily. That thing is huge.

2paw said...

How wonderful that your peace lily is about to flower!!! The cowl is beautiful, I think it looks restful and calm!!