Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas socks

Hannah's Christmas socks

I haven't done a lot of Christmas knitting, because I've been saving knits throughout the year. But I wanted to knit a really soft pair of socks for my DD Hannah. I knew she liked red.
I found a pattern on Ravelry, which had these cute little girls with pig tails all over them. That would have been too much for me, so I've decided to use the chart just once.

Hannah's Christmas socks

I've combined three designs in this one pair of socks, links to the original will follow. I'm sure I will knit Nancy Bush's Kensington socks as written some day. I'm done with the two other designs though.

cuff: co 64sts- from Nancy Bush’s Kensington socks
stranded knitting: chart from Portti 2011 sukat
rest of the sock: from Jennifer Hagan's firefly socks

Hannah's Christmas socks

yarn: The Yarn Yard Toddy, 75% Merino 25% Nylon; the yarn feels really soft, and squishy, but it's weak; I wound it into a yarn cake, and when I pulled on the thread to cast on it broke easily; I had it in my stash from a sock club some time ago. I liked the color though.

I used left over yarns for the stranded knitting, which were different twists, and didn't play too well together, but I wanted the black with the sparkle, and of course the white, silky yarn for softness. Oh well, it's only socks.

Hannah's Christmas socks

They are wrapped and waiting to be gifted. I'm off to the airport in a few hours to pick up DD Hannah. I haven't seen her in a year. She'll be back for the holidays from Sydney, Australia.

Will be interesting to see how the pups react to having people staying here for a while. Could be we'll not be seeing much of Maggie for that time period.

I'm off now, to get some last minute things taken care off.


PS With the help from my DS I've finally managed to upload the video. You can watch it in this post, scroll down a little.


JoAnn said...

These are adorable! I'm sure your daughter will love them. Have a wonderful visit with her, and a Merry Christmas to you & the dogs :)

momsue84 said...

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter!!

Knatolee said...

These are so pretty. Have a great reunion with Hannah!

Susan said...

Those socks are just too cute! Enjoy your time with your daughter - a year is a very long time!

CelticCastOn said...

Great socks! Hannah is sure to love them.
Enjoy christmas with your family!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

They are super adorable!

Beverly said...

Pretty socks. Have a great holiday.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Those socks are beautiful! Lucky Hannah! Tell her to give me a call while she's home! It would be great to see her. Merry Christmas Monika!

Sharon said...

Great socks & welcome home Hannah!

kristieinbc said...

Those are the cutest socks ever! I am sure your daughter will love them. Enjoy your time with her!

monica said...

I love those socks! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter. I hope the pups do too! :)

hakucho said...

I love Hannah's new socks! I bet she'll adore them :)

Merry Christmas :)

2paw said...

Hannah will love her socks. I think they look better with just one section of pig-tailed girls. It will be so lovely to have her home. I hope the pups grow accustomed to the visitors quickly.

Virginia G said...

So CUTE! Love those socks. Lucky daughter of yours.