Friday, December 23, 2011

Handspun Friday - The Rikke Hats

handspun Rikke hat

Well, today I'm going to show you two hats I made with my handspun yarns.
It's called Rikke hat by Sarah Young, and I love this design. So simple, and comfortable to wear. The first one turned out a little on the large side, but it found another head to warm.

handspun Rikke hat

I used this yarn: superwash Merino, Sugared Beets, all of it, and I had to add some commercial yarn in the beginning, because I was low on yardage. I didn't adjust for using heavier weight yarn, so it's no wonder it turned out too big for me. I even needed the chain plied left over yarn to finish the hat.

FCK-Sugared Beets-3ply-3.7oz-151yds

The second Rikke hat is mine. I made it with this yarn: Falkland colorway Peacock. Not as soft as the first one, but still great to wear.

TdF 1.skein-Falkland-Peacock-chain plied-232yds

hanspun Peacock Rikke hat

It's always a bonus to see the yarn knit up. I used up almost the whole skein, just a little left over.

hanspun Peacock Rikke hat

For the cast on I used Nancy Bush's Estonian cast on, or Double-start lont tail cast on.

December spinning


O.K. one last time, just in case you've missed it. The video of the dogs playing with their little devils can be watched here, scroll down a little.



Susan said...

Great hat pattern especially for handspun yarn! I'll have to knit that one too.

Your spinning and knitting is just lovely, as usual!

knottygnome said...

i just love handspun in garter stitch. so textured and pretty!

Alexandra said...

Love the hats! I've wanted to knit that pattern for a long time, it looks great in handspun!

Sharon said...

Your hats are so pretty and a nice way to show off handspun. (I love it when my handspun gets used up!)

Did Maggie every play with the little devils? Looks like she was just bewildered!

Merry Christmas or Happy Solstice!

Beverly said...

Love the hats. I have the pattern but haven't made one as yet.

I tried to use your link but it throws an error.

Anonymous said...

The hat's so unique and different- it's not often that the purl side is out! (I feel like that sounded like it is naked or something...sorry!)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My coworker was looking over my shoulder when I first read this post at work. She LOVES the hat - guess I better knit her one!

2paw said...

Gorgeous hats, I like the greeny-blue one best of all. Interesting cast on, I watched it all. I need to sit and press pause and play endlessly and give it a go!!!

Virginia G said...

The peacock hat is just gorgeous.