Monday, October 03, 2011

I've cast on my October socks and have turned the heel on the first sock. I had to put it away for a while, because I've got a pattern for mittens, I promised to test knit.
This is the cuff of my Sockstravaganza socks by Kirsten Kapur from the book Brave New Knits.

October socks

Even though it was a cold, and rainy weekend, we managed to play outside, and I didn't forget to take the camera for once. I was playing with some settings, took over 100 photos, but kept about 50 of them, and even those didn't all turn out as well as I hoped for. Anyway, there are always some photos I like, even if they are not totally in focus etc.

Here's Maggie, with Happy growing out between her ears, waiting for me to throw the ball, what else.

Maggie with Happy between her ears

Here you can see how much Denny enjoys playing nowadays.

Denny enjoying the game

One of the most beloved toys is this tattered rubber Frisbee. It's Happy's favorite for sure, but Maggie gets it away from him whenever she wants it. Sometimes all three of them tug at it. It still flys well too, even with the big hole in the middle.

Maggie and the beloved Frisbee

Happy is avoiding a collision. I could not stop him from jumping into the pool though. Here he's wet, and on his way into a corner of the back yard, where he plays with the Frisbee by himself.

the boys enjoying the game

Here you can see his bum sticking out from his special corner. I tell you, every one of them has some weird thing going on. He just rubs the Frisbee into the dirt, and digs it out again, chews it, and slaps it around.

Happy in his corner

And here he's joining us again, to play some more.

Happy coming out of his corner, where he likes to play by himself

I better get back to do some more test knitting.



CelticCastOn said...

ohh I love the combo for your socks, they are going to be beautiful!
Great pics of the pups, I love the one of Denny running, ears up and tail curled.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The sock is very pretty so far.

Unknown said...

These pups just crack me up! It is so much fun to see what they are up to. The socks are lovely.

Alexandra said...

I love that pattern and the colors you're using! Can't wait to see more!

Beverly said...

Love the socks. I just purchased a bunch of $1.00/skein Regia colors for colorwork socks. These will be great inspiration.

Susan said...

That action shot of Denny and Happy is hilarious!
Those are very pretty socks!

Walden said...

They all look like they are having so much fun! Love the picture of Happy between Maggie's ears, too perfect. The socks are looking lovely so far!

Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous sock you've got going there! "Happy growing out between her ears". I literally laughed out loud when I looked at the photo after reading that, LOL!

Sheeprustler said...

The doggy photo of the one growingout of the other's head is just hilarious! And they all look so happy :)

Sharon said...

I was wondering how the patterns in Brave New Knits were. From your sock it like at least one pair is really nice. Is it a worth it buy?

Love the doggies and their antics!

Rhonda said...

I was checking your sock out the other day. I love your colour choices. And of course all doggie photos are so cool.

2paw said...

I love all your fabulous dog photos, they are great. So cute to see Happy on Maggie's head and I really can see how much Denny likes to play now. He is making up for lost time.
happy looks magnificent when he runs!!
Gorgeous socks, you are so busy!!