Friday, September 30, 2011

September round up

This month I've spun more than in August, which always makes me feel good.

September 2011 spinning

I haven't shown you all of the finished yarns yet though. There are not enough Friday's in one week!
I didn't mean for this pair of socks to be my September socks (for my personal sock club), but I didn't get to knit a second pair, so they'll have to do. They are mens socks for my DD's boyfriend.
I started out with stripes changing each row, and got bored, so I changed it for the foot part. I was really glad when they were done.
The reason for so many pictures is Maggie's curiosity. See her nose growing?

September socks

September socks

September socks

September socks

I've already picked out the pattern, and the yarn for my October socks. Just have to find the right size needles, and I'm good to go.


And in chorus with the gang, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!!

Sept. 22

Sept. 22



CelticCastOn said...

Love that you changed it up on the foot,these look great.
I see lots of colourwork possibilities in that new pile of handspun.
Good to see your three stooges relaxing together.

momsue84 said...

Wonderful weekend to you and the gang, too, Monika! The temps are getting cooler here, so that means cold weather knitting. I love it!!!

knottygnome said...

wow that's a lot of yarn! have a great weekend.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful pile of yarn you have there. A couple of yarns there look like good candidates for a couple of patterns in Think Outside the Sox.

Enjoy your weekend!

Stephanie said...

The fading stripe pattern turned out really well!

Sarah said...

clever way of getting rid of the stripes. very effective!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the striping on the foot of the sock!

Walden said...

Love the striping and Maggie's nose!

Anonymous said...

Maggie's nose coordinates very well with those handsome socks!

Delusional Knitter said...

Love the striping pattern on the socks, so much character!

Susan said...

Love the pics of all the dogs on the couch at the same time! The socks are really nice for a guy and I like the look of the phased out stripes a lot.

Beverly said...

Love the changing stripes and the gang on the sofa.

2paw said...

What a beautiful pile of wool, it's lovely!! I think I would have changed from striping every row too, but I love the effect. Maggie's nose is so long now, she's really growing up fast.
I hope you and The gang are having a great weekend, they all look so relaxed lying there together!! Except Denny, who is giving me A Look!!!

Andi said...

Amazing pile of yarn! They are set up perfectly for me to sweep them into my knitting bag. :)
Those socks are fantastic, especially with Maggie's little face in there. Then again any pic of the your pups, make my day!

erin said...

all that yarn looks lovely! and I love those pictures of Maggie's growing nose!!

paribanu said...

Wow! Beautiful yarns.

Virginia G said...

The maggie series is awesome. :)

The socks are pretty rockin, too.