Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Maggie! (Margret, Mrs. Thatcher for short)


And YES, she listens to all her names. But she knows, when we call her Margret, she's done something bad.

As I'm writing this post, Maggie is sleeping under my desk, bringing tears to my eyes. It's not because I'm sentimental, or moved by time going by so fast. No, it's because she's blowing wind, sounds and smells coming from her belly, after she ate, God knows how many, apples from the ground outside in our backyard. She's putting members of the skunk family to shame, and she's not even trying.
Meanwhile the boys, one on each side of the room, have their noses pressed to the screen, of open windows (Coincidence? I think not!). I feel like getting up, and joining them, if it were not for the hot air coming in, and foul smells, and hot air, don't do it for me either. So lets be brave and move on.

(Last time we saw Happy between her ears, this time ...)

Maggie's one year old, and with us almost as long. She's a petite dog, but well proportioned. She's a weird dog, with lots of personality. I'm glad she's with us, and that she's got her own quirks.

(tired after running like the energizer bunny) (Denny made this bed of towels for her, but why sleep on a sofa, when you get a place like that to sleep on?)


(What? Don't you know there's nothing better than leaning on a chair?)


(She just loves leaning. I Love them both.)


That's her, telling us, "Throw the freaking ball!" Totally obsessed she is.

It's also Thanksgiving Day today, and there's Turkey in the oven, there will be yams, and Apple Pie (made from scratch, no yucky filling from the can).

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!



Cloudberry said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!!

2paw said...

Happy Birthday Dear Maggie!!! She's a beautiful girl, and funny too. I love that her special skill is Leaning!! Have a wonderful birthday with your brothers!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!

momsue84 said...

Happy Birthday to Maggie! Milo and I send best wishes for a long and non stinky life. She is so adorable. They all are! Happy Thanksgiving, too!

BeatrixB said...

thanks for this wonderful belly laugh first thing on a Monday morning! and happy Birthday,Mrs. Thatcher


Kathy... said...

She's a beautiful dog! Doesn't seem possible that she is 1yr old already. When you say she is petite, is she full grown now?

Walden said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!! Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie! And Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Happy birthday Maggie!
And Happy Thanksgiving Monika and Family!

Virginia G said...

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy birthday to the Divine Ms. M. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Maggie! Can't believe she's a year old already.

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday to Maggie and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sheeprustler said...

So sweet, and happy birthday to her :)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie! It's hard to believe that a whole year went by already.

And happy Thanksgiving to you, Monika and your family.

lexa said...

Happy birthday, Maggie! Jewel and my Maggie send their best wishes, too. My, how you've grown, I can't believe you're one already!!

Susan said...

Ah yes, doggy gas from apples. I'm familiar with it.

Happy Birthday Maggie!

CelticCastOn said...

oi! Don't let her have any turkey or it will be double duty!!
Happy Birthday Maggie!

hannah said...

One year! Happy birthday!!