Friday, October 28, 2011

Handspun Friday - Vampire Suicide

Just in time for Halloween, I've finished some FatCatKnits Vampire Suicide on superwash BFL (special Halloween colors Ginny had in her Etsy shop).

FatCatKnits-2x 4oz sw BFL-Vampires Suicide

FCK Vampire Suicide-chain plied-2 skeins-total of 266yds

FCK Vampire Suicide-chain plied-2 skeins-total of 266yds

FCK Vampire Suicide-chain plied-2 skeins-total of 266yds

I've got 2 skeins, chain plied, 266yds total from one braid. The other one will have to wait. I was thinking of knitting fingerless mitts with long cuffs with this yarn.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
Maggie and Happy

She's still limping, but the pain killer helps her to get around, and sleep better I think.

On another note, I haven't knit a stitch in three days now. I do have three WIP's but nothing I'd like to work on right now. I do however enjoy spinning very much, so it's not so bad.

Yesterday morning was the first time I thought it was cold enough to wear knit socks again. It's 14C in my studio, quite chilly, but I don't want to turn on the heat just yet. I'm digging out all the handknit items to keep me/us warm. :o)

The boys went out on the deck in the morning, just to discover a thin layer of ice on the boards from the rain the days before. First they slipped around, but soon they licked the ice, and clawed at it. It was funny to watch them.



Stadtwaldvogel said...

Hi Monika, your yarn is beautiful - as always! I hope Maggie will get well soon! Have a great weekend! Yours, Julia

knottygnome said...

very cool yarn! i love red/black together.

erin said...

that yarn is beautiful, I'd really like to see how it knits up!

Claudia Bugh said...

Gorgeous dramatic colorway!!!! Those will be snazzy mitts :)

I also love pulling on my hand knits and we have had some cold mornings already so have been wearing hats and fingerless mitts on my morning walk.

Keep us posted on Maggie...

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Awesome yarn.

I caved and turned the heat on last weekend. Though Dave keeps shutting it off on me.

2paw said...

Oh, they're fabulous colours!!
I love the photo of Happy and Maggie together. Glad she's getting along a bit better too. Any ice should be afraid, be very afraid, of The Boys!!!

Andi said...

That vampire suicide yarn is insane. I think it would make fantastic gloves!
Glad that Maggie seems to be doing better.

Sharon said...

Vampire Suicide sounds scary! Good thing the yarn isn't scary, though. I love how vibrant the colors look.

We had 2 inches of snow yesterday, even though the weatherman predicted a dusting. It's cold as can be here and I caved in and turned on the heat!

Susan said...

I'm behind in my blog reading so just read about Maggie's limp. I hope she feels better soon!