Thursday, November 04, 2010

Future WIP's

I realized today, that once again, I've become overwhelmed by projects on my to-do list (which really is only in my head, and it changes constantly). This happens once or twice a year.
Let's see what we've got here:
future wip's

Yarn for two pairs of colorwork mittens, two pairs of socks, and two scarves. Well the one lonly ball of yarn in the left upper corner is just one of several I need for that scarf. Plus I see, that I forgot to get the yarn for a pair of colorwork socks in the picture as well. Anyway, I've still got Elphaba mittens on my needles. Older WIP's are the Giant Granny square blanket, close to be finished, the knitted blanket, maybe 1/3 done, and somewhere in the dark bowels of my WIP bin, is a mohair scarf I started, and had conveniently forgotten about. Well, some WIP's have to be just that for a little while longer.

dark photos throughout the  magazine

I've received my pre-ordered IK Holiday 2010 issue today. I've been waiting for it, because one pattern of the two pairs of mittens I'm planning to knit is in it. While I was looking through the magazine it hit me! I found myself pushing my nose close up to the picture of the shawl, that one beside the lacey dish towel. Who on earth would feel combelled to knit this shawl, when you can't even SEE it right? There are more photos of it a few pages later, equally dark and useless. It looks like they had a theme going on here, because for a magazine I think a lot of the photos are crappy. The shawl, by the way, was designed by Sarah Fama and is called Winged shawl. It's a simple, and easy shawl to knit, but it has that edge, which seems to be dearly loved by designers all over, and which I don't like. Still, this Holiday issue has several patterns in it, I'd like to knit, compared to the issues of the past two years.

the boys Oct.31
The boys don't care about all that one bit. They just wait until I get my big Azz out of the chair and do something FUN!


Natys said...

Hay i love the red one, that shawl is beautiful
I have lots of wips waiting to my vacation to be finished someday

Denny is getting very dark, you have contrasting puppies lol


Jewleigh said...

I always love seeing your pups. They make me smile :o)

Good luck on your to-do list. The great thing about knitting is that unlike children or pets, we can set projects aside for months or even years and no one gets hurt! Life's short so cast on, I say!

Kathy... said...

I got my IWK Holiday issue a day or so ago - and I agree! I thought the photos were of very poor quality. I wonder what happened? So sad.... :(

Virginia G said...

I wasn't thrilled by the quality of IK Holiday either. I thought it was rather... bleh.

The photos were dark and didn't show much and I wasn't blown away by the projects. There are a few things in there I will probably knit, but yeah, it wasn't a "WOW" issue.

CelticCastOn said...

Lots of yummies to work on, I want to see those gremlin socks most of all :)
Is Denny's face getting darker or have I just not noticed how dark it actually was before??

Teje said...

Hello! I'm happy to meet you and your wonderful dogs! You make lovely hankworks!
Best wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete (with 3 dogs and 1 cat and lots of projects)! Teje

Frieda said...

Wow , you 've got plans and the yarn to go with them . Looking forward to seeing them all as you go along .

Just noticed Denny's paws , I love the spotted brown and white on them . It's sort of unexpected . They're both gorgeous pups ...

2paw said...

I agree, I like good, clear and bright photos, not artistic ones. I love the boys' pozzie!!

Kris said...

Nice socks!

Denny looks as big as Happy now! I love the little white spots on his feet.

If he's gassy, perhaps that may have something to do with the rawhide bone on your spinning wheel treadle?

Lost City Denise said...

WIP mania - totally understand. I've spent the morning drooling over your Daenerys and thinking it should be my vacation knitting. Not that I don't have upteen WIPs....