Monday, August 16, 2010

Lattice socks finally done!

It's been over a month ago since I cast on for this pair. I don't know why it took me so long; I loved both, the yarn and the pattern.
Lattice socks done-1

yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns in the colorway "Campfire".
pattern: Beaded Lattice Socks by Terry Morris from the book Sock Club. I did not use beads for my socks.
needles: 2.5mm DP

Lattice socks done-3

In reno news, they guys have worked hard last week, but it still looks awful upstairs. They prepared the walls, and ceilings for painting. In the kitchen they put up dry wall ceiling, as well as in the dining room. They found a bad wall going up the staircase and had to replace part of it. The floors are nailed down, and I guess ready for putting down the new wood panels, but that will come later. The electrician was here, and passed first inspection. The plumper was here too. He had to do something about the old plumping, which stood out too far from the wall (from upstairs coming down to the kitchen). One door has been shut with dry wall, another one has been opened.
Last week was a little bit depressing, with all the noise, and the smells. We tried to get out of the house as much as possible, but still, I had a little bit of a cabin fever feeling.

The pups are keeping me busy too. Friday, Denny joined me in the swimming pool and did his best, trying to drown me! He wanted to climb on me, while swimming, that was no fun at all. He was very persistent, the little bugger!
August 6
It seems there was a shift between Happy and Denny. Happy is putting Denny down more often, and it is not always nice to hear. Denny has more respect for him now. The cute cuddling while sleeping is becoming more rare.
On the plus side, Denny is finally house broken, since we moved downstairs, he has had no accidents, which can not be said from before. It might have had to do with the old carpet flooring as well, since there was Biko, and Sam, as well as Happy before Denny, who were raised on them. Even the best efforts of cleaning up the accidents must not have been enough for a good puppy nose.
Yesterday, for probably the first time in a month, I took the spinning wheel for a ride, and I plied some finished singles, which have been sitting on the bobbins for all that time. I still have to wind it, and give it a good bath, before I can see how it turned out.



Freyalyn said...

Well, Denny is no longer a baby and so Happy won't give him the leeway that a puppy is entitled to. It must be interesting to watch their interaction developing. Great socks.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

They are BEAUTIFUL. Yum. I feel a sock knit coming on

Walden said...

The socks look lovely!

Hoping the rest of the renovations go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

It's nice to hear that Happy is standing up for himself, it's too bad they are loosing their close sleeping time though.

CelticCastOn said...

Love those socks, such a nice Autumnal colour!
I'm glad Happy is putting the boots to Denny, but rest assured the snuggling will be back. Molly was the same way with Boss until he learned his role and now they are snug bunnies again :)

2paw said...

Lovely coks!! And I am glad you ahve some spinning too, it must be very pleasing.
It can sound a bit scary when the Big Dog disciplines the puppy, but I know Vundy never ever did more than dribble on all the puppies, even though she sounded cross.
That Denny, fancy trying to drown you, that's drowning the hand that feeds him!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Denny and Happy kind of look like a married couple who aren't speaking in that photo - It's good Happy is standing his ground though.
The socks look great!

Martina said...

Very nice socks!

Virginia G said...

The socks are lovely. Maybe you took so long with them because you wanted to prolong an enjoyable project?

Glad to hear that the renovations are moving along, but sorry about the noise and smells.

I'm glad Denny was not successful in drowning you.

and can't wait to see the spun fiber!

SockPixie said...

I love the socks!

Michelle said...

That's good that Happy is feeling more comfortable holding his own. Nimitz has had to do that with my inlaws dog after taking too much abuse. Not fun to hear but necessary to work out the relationship. Pretty socks and I hope you find some calm during the reno!

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful socks!!

Posy Linda said...

Those are some cool socks and the color is smashing. I hope the boyz work things out soon. Take care!

Susan said...

I'm not surprised that in Happy's eyes Denny is no longer a child. Dogs are smarter about these things than we think. Let him discipline the lad as he sees fit as long as there's no blood.

Lovely socks!

Laurie said...

Sounds like Happy is engaging in some serious puppy training with Denny. I'm sure they'll be snugglebuddies again once Denny learns the new rules for the "big dogs".

Beautiful socks! Oh, and glad the reno is coming along and hope it's done as quickly as possible. I just cannot imagine how stressful that must be...

Romi said...

Oooh! Pretty!

Beverly said...

Sad but they do grow up. Hopefully they'll be good companions for each other as Happy matures.

Socks are lovely. I'm seeing a lot of "fall" colored projects.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Your new socks are gorgeous!!! Love that pattern and, I agree, somehow beads on socks doesn't turn me on either.

So interesting about Denny and Happy. I think once Denny gives the proper respect to Happy they will return to being chums :))))

Frieda said...

Beautiful , that is the most gorgeous colourway !

La Cabeza Grande said...

Changes are stressful on all members of the family - including the pups. Interesting how the dynamic is changing as Denny matures. I think everyone is suffering from a little noise overload and cabin fever.

All best to you. And keep making those gorgeous socks!

shannon said...

i think Happy was probably being alpha all along, but not sweating the little stuff the puppy was doing. now that Denny is closer to the same size, Happy is telling him his place.

the socks are so so pretty. perhaps one day i will make a pair? or someone will make me a pair (i like option 2 best). :)

Sharon V said...

The socks are lovely, but it's the color I'm most in love with.

Looks like both of your doggies are growing up. Happy is standing up for himself, and Denny is learning not to be a bully. Hooray!