Friday, August 20, 2010

Handspun Friday - Tapestry

I don't think I've shown this yarn here before, but I've shown it on FatCatKnits ravelry group, I think. Anyway, this is FatCatKnits variegated BFL - Tapestry:
FCK-BFL Humbug-Tapestry-8oz

I made this navajo plied yarn with it:
FCK-BFL variegated-Tapestry-4oz-267yds-navajo plied

and once more:
FCK-BFL variegated-Tapestry-4oz-267yds-navajo plied
It's 4oz, navajo plied, ~ 267yds. I'm going to add it to my finished Humbug box, where I am collection my variegated dyed, and finished handspun yarn, until I know what I'll want to make with it.

On Wednesday, my DD Hannah came home with a friend for a swim, and sun bathing. This friend scared Denny, who so far has only had friendly encounters with strangers. It rattled him. She ran after him, arms stretched out. At first he stood his ground, and barked at her, but since she persisted, he thought he'd better run. For the rest of the afternoon, both hid either under my desk, or when we were outside, they ran up the hill beside the house, and watched us from behind the corner, just their heads popping out.
August 18-hiding under my desk
By the time they left, Denny let her scratch his belly though. He must have realized, that she's not THAT scary after all.

Happy had an encounter with the painter, and it puzzles me even more now, that he's afraid of Hannah, but is brave enough to go up to a stranger, smelling of paint, to sniff his outstreched hand. I was playing Frisbee with him, while Denny was off on a car ride with DS David, when suddenly the balcony door opened, and the painter came downstairs into the backyard. I wondered what he wanted, but learned that soon enough. He just thought Happy was such a beautiful dog, that he had to meet him.
He crouched down, and held out his hand, while calling Happy. The scardy cat just woofed with his deepest voice, a few times, and since the guy didn't go away, he finally went to him, and sniffed his hand. After that everybody was happy, and returned to what we were doing. :o)

The upstairs bedrooms are painted, and look wonderful. I think they will finish painting today, and I can't wait to see some color on the walls!
I still haven't cast on for something new. I can't decide. So I've spun some more, which is fun anyway, but in the evenings, I don't like to have idle hands. There must be a decision soon!


Anonymous said...

well of course the painter wanted to pat Happy...I would too!!!and Denny of course!!

2paw said...

Your boys are a constant source of amusement for me, and I love their stories and photos. How funny that Denny was afraid and how brave was Happy??? I am imagining their heads popping up to look and see if the Horrid People were still there!!!

Walden said...

I am always amazed at the transformation between roving and yarn. I would have never thought that roving would make such a lovely yarn!

Virginia G said...

The yarn is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you cast on for.

And that's pretty funny about Happy and the painter. :)

wolltrunken said...

Oh, dieses Garn ist so wunderwunderwunderbarwundervollschoen!!!

Und ueber die Hundestories musste ich wieder sehr schmunzeln - kann ich mir richtig bildlich vorstellen.

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit

(word verification: "poopest"!!!)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Denny is too funny! And Happy is one of the most handsome dogs I've ever seen (but I have a soft spot for Shepherds!)

CelticCastOn said...

heheh I can just picture two little heads poking round the corner :) Sounds like they both might have made new friends.

Toby said...

The colors in that yarn are very interesting. I was thinking that I don't even know how a person would describe them - then I read the colorway name again and went 'duh'. Of course, it does look like the dark and dramatic colors of a tapestry!

tinebeest said...

What peskypixies says! If I were your painter, I'd want to say hi to your boys, too!

Charlene said...

That is some gorgeous spinning!

Freyalyn said...

Lovely yarn. And what big brave boys they are now...

Susan said...

Your spinning is always so lovely and even!

Hmm, dogs much prefer someone to crouch down and extend a hand than to chase them. They often figure out pretty quickly that someone really likes dogs. That doesn't explain why Hannah was scary though.

Sharon V said...

Your new yarn is lovely - as usual! I bet you could open your own shop with all the 'waiting to be used' yarn you've spun! I want to shop in your spun yarn bin!!!

wanderrast said...

eine wirklich superschöne Wolle,
entspricht so ganz und gar meinem momentanen Farbgeschmack!!!
lg Elfi

Michelle said...

It's interesting to see how muted the colors look when spun. It's also interesting that the boys seem to be afraid of Hannah. Maybe it's the high pitch of womens/girls voices that bother them?

Torhild said...

Beautiful color mix

dillpickle said...

That yarn is just magnificent! I just want to reach through the computer screen and touch it!!

Laurie said...

I can't believe the amazing difference in that yarn!

Poor doggies...I'm amazed that my dog has never met a person he didn't adore with a frenzy. LOL!