Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Another hot day ahead ...

They just said in the radio, that at 7:30AM we have 22C feeling like 30C already! Help! It's just too hot! Yesterday it felt like 40C and it will feel even more today. Puh! (wipes sweat of her forehead).

Well, we've survived the first reno day. Wanna see?
underneath the kitchen floor was an even uglier floor once
The guys are doing a fine job, and at the end of their work day, we can see what they did. We discovered that under the ugly tile floor, there was once an even uglier floor. Our ugly kitchen must have been an improvement already!
At times we didn't have water, or electricity, and it was very noisy, when they removed part of the tiles. We went outside with the pups during that time, but it was very uncomfortable hot out.

They did more than that of course.

Denny had his own demolition going on:
popped screen door- thanks, Denny
About a week ago, when the pups ran through the house, chasing each other, they also ran out on the deck. What they didn't know, and I didn't think, was that I closed the screen door, and Denny ran full tilt into it, pushing it out of its place. I'm hoping my son can put it back in.
Funny thing though, the next few times Denny wanted to go out on the deck, he stopped short at the door, and pawed the air in front of him, making sure, there's nothing there! Too sweet!

June 27

Here's a photo of the boys, which I like very much. Denny always wins a star down.

test knit - Larix shawl

So here's the beginning of my test knit Larix shawl by Alexandra Wiedmayer. I'm a little further along now, and I'm liking it very much. I'm using some hand spun yarn of mine, which I'll show you on Friday.

I'm still not back to spinning yet. It's a bit complicated, with Denny always trying to run off with my fiber. We still have to get used to living in this cramped space, getting into a new routine. But I hope I'll be back at the wheel soon.



2paw said...

That's a lot of work being done in such heat, I'm pretty sure we had lino like that in this house too!!!
Poor Denny, he must ahve had a fright but he's pretty clever to stop and check now, he must look funny!!
Hurray for happy!! I hope it cools down for you soon, I hate the heat too, I'm enjoying our below zero nights here.
That wool is lovely, very nice and the shawl suits the wool perfectly!!

Virginia G said...

The shawl looks really gorgeous! I loooooooooooooooooove the yarn that you're using.

Posy Linda said...

What an undertaking. I'm sure that the finished product will be worth it. Those Boyz of yours are so funny and smart too!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Mom's dog Lady has gone through their screen door many times. Don't ever say "squirrel" if she's standing by the door.
At least Denny has learned!

CelticCastOn said...

Its cold cold cold here!!
Send me some heat! Cute about Denny pawing at the air. Boston goes through our screen about one a week... you know we can't have anyone driving BY the house.
I didn't think you had an ugly kitchen to start with, you couldn't send your old one down to me so I can have a nice one could you??

Frieda said...

There's always surprises when you're renovating . The same thing happened to us when we changed the flooring in the kitchen and ripped off the wallpaper. You wonder what they were thinking when you see the stuff underneath .

Rhonda said...

Our Ladydog did the same screen trick. She was going after a squirrel in her yard. I wish Lady was as smart as Denny.

Walden said...

The shawl is looking lovely.

On the good side at least Denny realizes there could be a screen door there! :) Poor guy, I am sure that was a shock.

Natys said...

We are at 2ºC and max of 10ºC IM COLD!!!!!!

Really ugly floor, i like the during renovation pictures.

Thank god he didnt break it, i love that confused expression when they dont know what hit them.

God i love those handspun yarns of yours. I want a wheel, but i have no time and they are very expensive here


Michelle said...

Denny is to funny making sure that the screen isn't there anymore. It's amazing how they comprehend the human world some times. Hope it cools off soon for you!

Knatolee said...

Just keep thinking how great it'll look when it's all done.

ANd I am sick of this heat and humidity!!! Friday sounds more promising.

Bev said...

Oh, Monika!! What IS that yarn? It's gorgeous. You have a knack for finding the most beautiful yarns as well as fibers for spinning.

Sharon said...

Your shawl is looking very beautiful! I love the colors and I'm glad to see you're using some of your handspun. You do such good work.

SockPixie said...

The shawl colors are stunning!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm not like with Kelly with "cold" weather here, but it is a cooler than usual Summer and I don't understand it as everywhere else seems to be hotter than usual.

I always find iced tea (herbal) refreshing when the weather is muggy and hot.

That's funny about Denny. In South Bend we bought an "invisible fence" and Mr. Puffy was shocked once and then refused to go in the backyard again for YEARS.

I'm dying for love of your new shawl :))))) That's true gorgeousness and your yarn is perfection with the design.

Mo said...

The boys are adorable as always! I LOVE the colors of your handspun yarn that you are using on the Larix shawl pattern. Alexandra's shawl pattern is very pretty and definitely a keeper too!

Laurie said...

Love the shawl and the yarn!! Yes, way too hot down here, too, and going to be worse next week.

If I ever get another dog, I think I'll have to get two so I can enjoy their antics. :-)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Oh Monika! I have to admit that I love that shawl and the colours of your handspun. They are perfect together.