Monday, August 23, 2010


This is a text book puppy: Denny the Delinquent
August 5

I've finished the pair of mittens I was working on. Did I tell you about them?
It's the Della mittens by Holly Terrel. They are fingerless mittens, but I wanted to make them full mittens. I really like them. Here's the beginning of one.
Della mittens for mom
... and that's one of them...
Denny's work
I've finished them today, washed them, blocked them, and then Denny got hold of one. Until I realized it, it was too late. I hope I've got enough yarn left to make another one! And I was so looking forward to knit something else. :o(

I ask you, is this not just a dog, but a beaver too?
August 5
He's stripped bark from the young tree, like it's his job. I think there's some Terrier in him too, because he loves to dig holes, and he finds grubs, and eats them!!! Well actually, I don't think it's grubs, when they are in beetle stage, and sound crunchy when eaten.

Today we went to the Vet's with Denny to weigh him (21 kg) for his flea medication. He made such a ruckus! It was embarrassing. He wanted to say Hello to everybody, and wiggled his butt off, and he got belly scratches, but as soon as the belly scratches stopped, he protested very loudly. Only a handful of treats from the cookie jar settled him down.

Next time I'll show you some other accomplishment of Happy's! :o) Way less destructive. The creepy crawler has no chance to stay in the pool, when he's out, that we know now.
Want to know how renos are going? Well, the first coat of paint is on the walls. It's totally done upstairs, but downstairs it's just the first coat, and that's just as well, because seeing the chosen color on the walls, I had to change my mind. What would you have done, when the first reaction of seeing the color is a shriek, and a shudder? Even if you are in the room for a while, and get used to it, I can do without the first reaction. So we'll go with the next shade on the sample card. Hopefully this will be IT!
On Wednesday the tiler will start working on the floors. It's going to take longer as anticipated, because it turns out, the way I want them on the floor (45degree angle) takes longer to do, and also needs more tiles, which they didn't plan for. It just didn't come up before, they just assumed, and so did I.
As many of you already warned, it's getting more expensive, and will take longer altogether, but there's nothing we can do now.



Toby said...

Ouch! Sad enough to have one destroyed while in progress, but after it's just been finished is even worse.

With regard to the reno, better to get it a way you'll be happy with even if it does cost more and take longer (within reason of course!).

Unknown said...

maybe we have you beat, don't know.
the corner of our dining room rug - one year old $1200 or so.
a bite of the skirt of our sofa - also new
a pillow from porch sofa
a hole in the coverlet on said porch sofa
a hole in the coverlet on the bed
a tiny quilt rack miniature
today she got into the cat box and we have clay litter all over the house
her bedding is in tatters
see her at daisy moore on FB
this rescue dog does not know how close she is to being shipped back to TX from MA!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~

Walden said...

So sorry about the mitten!
He does sound a little more than rambunctious. Maybe he has multiple personalities which translates into different animals! :)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Oh no! Every time it looks like Denny is growing into a mature young man, he pulls out the bad puppy stuff.

Best of luck with the renovations. I agree with Toby on that. Maybe it's too much HGTV talking but you may as well get it done right!

Natys said...

OMG!!! all that work!!! and in such thin needles. That little guy really probe your patience.

Please make a video of happy and the creepy crawler in the pool

Anonymous said...

naughty naught Denny!!!!

Michelle said...

Your poor mitten! I'm sure he felt a little sorry about it. For maybe half a second?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Bad Denny! (of course its hard to stay mad when he's so darn cute!)
I've been lucky - Rocky may run off with my projects, but he's never eaten them!

Unknown said...

That Denny!! OMG! Can you get more of that yarn? If not, youre going to have to unravel and save what you can. Yikes!

2paw said...

Oh no, poor you, but Denny is a puppy and that's what puppies do. He wouldn't have meant to do a a bad thing I'm sure!! He sure keeps himself busy!! Oh and Gilly has just brought me a plastic container. It was mine, and now it is hers!!!
I like the idea of diagonally placed tiles, and if you don't like the colour, it is unlikely to grow on you.
Yes, please, video of Happy and the Pool Monster please!!

Susan said...

Oh oh. Someday you will look back and say, "Remember when Denny was little and ate the pretty mitten?" Then everyone will nod and giggle and remember good times. Puppyhood: this too shall pass.

My sympathy about the reno. It's always the way.

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Ou no, seems like Denny has been a naughty boy, but I'm sure he didn't mean to upset you. Della Mitts is a beautiful pattern.

Anonymous said...

Denny is wonderfull!! ;oD. A real dog!! If you could tempt him to take some knitting work or finished Mitten, you could be there, prepared with 2 panlids and beat them together in this very momemt, where Denny bites the mittens (or other things). He'll never do it again. But he should not see the lids!

gruessli from CH , Hanne.

Virginia G said...

no! oh boy. You're so much less mad that I would be regarding the destruction of your mitten.

I guess it's Denny's saving grace that he is so cute.

Laurie said...

Oh, dear...Denny ate your glove???? I must say, I am learning one thing from reading your blog - if we ever get another dog, we are royally screwed!!! Wilbur has never chewed anything, never dug anything, never done anything that comes close to "bad dog" behavior in the (in three weeks...) 13 years we've had him. If we ever get a "real" dog, we won't know what to do...

We have one of those "screech and shudder rooms"...actually it was my husband's reaction. I love it. And he's learned to live with it although I've told him we can change it any time.

CelticCastOn said...

oh Denny! Is it bad that I laughed??? I love the beaver bit, we need some video footage of this little monkey!!!
Glad the reno's are going well, your tiles will look great on an angle even if it does take longer.

Kathy said...

That picture ought to have a warning before it. I winced. I love my cat, but I do believe he'd be in time out for anything approaching that!

Life's a Stitch said...

Oh that picture is painful to look at!