Friday, June 04, 2010

Handspun Friday - Violet Blue

So, work in the backyard is in full swing. Those guys are fast, and did a great job so far.
We can't go out there for a while though, with the dogs, because of the broken glass everywhere. I did get a lot of spinning done this week, which is fabulous!

Usually I don't buy merino fiber anymore, but this colorway looked interesting. It's superwash merino in the colorway "Violet Blue" from FatCatKnits.

sw Merino - Violet Blue

I tried to spin thicker, and only got 161yds, 2ply out of 3.4oz (I weight the finished skein before it goes into the bath).

To my utter surprise I was able to knit BOTH socks with the handspun skein I made (I thought I had to spin for the second sock). Since the thought of spinning the same thing twice was not appealing to me, I started the second sock with the left over yarn and thought, Id' just knit until I run out of the red colorway (since that skein had less yards in the first place, and I did use more of the red cw in the first sock).

cuff second sock

I had planned to knit the seconds sock with the colors reversed. I know, you can see that at once! I did the heel and the toes in the purple colorway, and that's what saved me to spin the same thing again.
I got to the last row of red colorway, before the toe decreases started, when I ran out of the red cw. Isn't that cool??? I might have done the happy dance!

FCK MB S-S-2010-purple and red colorway - half of fiber-socks done-2

So here it is, the pair! First sock with red heel and toes, and second sock with the purple cw. They are a little thicker than my usual sock yarn, but that's O.K.

On a different note, next FatCatKnits Fiber Club has arrived!
FCK-MBFC Spring-Summer 2010-2nd installment-sw merino-10oz

I find these colorways quite challenging. It's also sw merino, and I don't like spinning merino. I always get thick/thin parts, and that's not intentional! Also it's so soft, it starts to pill even when knitting with it, so it's only good for scarves, cowls. Of course you can knit anything from it, but it will not have a long life, if used heavily. Oh well, I like a challenge! Lets see what I'll do with that one.
But that was not what I meant with "different note". Have you seen Yarny Inspiration yet? It's such a lovely idea, and I love colors, and find great inspiration there!
O.K. I've got to go. Today is the start of a very long, and busy weekend for us!

Have a nice weekend!



Ann said...

Once again, fabulous socks from your hands!

Alexandra said...

The socks are beautiful! It's amazing that the yarn you had was exactly the amount you needed.

Your new handspun is very pretty, I like the colors. And the new fiber looks so soft :) Have a great weekend and good luck with all the work in the house!

Anonymous said...

The socks are absolutely gorgeous, I love them.

mooncalf said...

Very cool socks. I love the colours!

2paw said...

Love your socks, so colourful and the clever heels and toes!!!
At our house, as soon as something dangerous is broken, it becomes the most desired thing in all the world!!

Lynn said...

Those socks make me want to take up spinning- LOVE them!

good luck with the renos!

Pat said...

I'm at a loss with the new FC Merino too. Just keep staring at them with no plan forming at all. Before I spin, I like to at least have an idea as to what I want to knit with the fiber and this time, I can't come up with a plan - yet.
It sure is light and summery and I've never worked with so much white, so it could be fun :)

Walden said...

Love how the socks turned out. Those two colorways look so good together.

Good luck with your new fiber, they are quite pretty.

Natys said...

As always beautiful hand spun yarns.
I will get a wheel one day =)

What happened? not a paw or a dog nose.... nothing? not even a little arrow tail.

Ok i´ll wait for the next post
Big hugs

Frieda said...

Love , love , love the socks !!!

Toby said...

You've brought us an incredible amount of color inspiration right here already! But I hadn't heard of Yarny Inspiration so I'll go check it out too.

Sharon V said...

Ohh! I love it when a plan comes together! Getting 2 socks out of a little bit of fiber, great. Not having to spin for that second sock - priceless.

Enjoy your weekend and I pray the deck is done (and free of wildlife) by Monday!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Monika! Those socks are fabulous! They'd make me do the happy dance, too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Socks look great!

susannasplace said...

Hach welche Farbexplosionen. Klasse Idee solche Farben zu mixen. Dein Umbau sieht ja höchst gefährlich aus. Und die Jungs sind wie immer mal super drauf.

Hätte schon früher auf die letzte Mail geantwortet, aber war krank, dann Blogumzug, dann war und ist es einfach zu heiss - auch wir haben 30°C hier und es nimmt kein Ende.

Liebe Grüsse
SusiKnits aka SusiKnitchicks

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Your knitting and spinning is truly knitting art! I agree with your sentiments on merino wool - but even so my Pacific Northwest Shawl in merino lace is my absolutely favorite item to wear.

Love the Yarnyinspiration link! BTW, all your lovely blankets have influenced me (once again). I've got 20 skeins of Noro Kureyon heading my way for a Ripple blanket.

Beverly said...

I love the socks. The colors work beautifully together.

Robin said...

Love these colorful socks! Your handspun is so pretty.