Monday, June 14, 2010

Denny's favorite toy

All our dogs had their special, favorite toys. Biko loved her tennis balls, fresh, and hard, and she loved to fetch them. Sam loved his big, red, Jolly ball, and Happy is gaga over his Frisbee.
Denny found this old tennis ball, cut by the lawn mower some time last year. It's nasty, and gross, and he loves it!

Denny's favorite toy

I took a new one, and made a cut, and wanted to replace the old one, but he just doesn't like it. He tried, he de-fuzzed it, but it's not the same.

Denny's favorite toy with freshly cut replacement

He's turning 4 month old on Tuesday. The photos were taken May 30, so he's grown a little since then.

Denny May 30

He's focused on another dog barking, a few houses down the road.

Hehe - look at those ears. Some days we think they will stand up for sure, on other days, they don't seem to have the strength to stand up at all.

May 30

Plus another lesson learned: Don't feed your pup water melon! He loves it, of course, but he's like a faucet you can't turn off afterwards.


Happy says, it's his turn next time.



Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

ooooh. Not long now. He is already looking like a beautiful young man, all strong and muscly and standing tall. Especially in that bottom right photo.

2paw said...

Love the way you tried to make Denny choose the other ball: doomed from the start!!!
He is co very cute and I love the picture with his gorgeous uppy ears!!

momsue84 said...

What a doll!! He's growing so fast, and keeping you busy, I'm sure. Milo loves the grossest, oldest toys he has, no matter how many new ones we give him. The smellier the better.

CelticCastOn said...

of course its not the same its got all that yellow stuff on it :)
Funny how they are happier with something old and beat up. Maybe its because he found it and thinks of it as his.
Happy 4 months Denny!!

Michelle said...

I'm so jealous that your pups like toys. Nimitz still hasn't picked anything that he likes. Too funny about the watermelon. I learned that lesson with cats a long time ago to not give something that you're not willing to give all the time. :-)

Virginia G said...

Oh, he's so cute! I love it when dogs pick really random stuff like that nasty tennis ball as their favorite.

I had one dog who was obsessed with eating everything that came off my cutting board. One time she swiped and entire onion, and was sick for a full day after that. Ugh.

Sharon said...

It's so funny how dogs don't care one whit about dirt and such yet we, their human 'parents' are so overly concerned about it.

Let him have the ball, I guess if it doesn't kill him it'll make him stronger.

Rhonda said...

All of our dog balls look like that after about 5 minutes. Lady loves a new ball and won't play with several at the same time. We try to trick her and throw different ones, but it doesn't matter, she just keeps going after the one she starts with.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

what a lovely pup -my Cat Peno has her favorite toys too - those little furry toy mice - but only the black ones- with shaky things in them!

Walden said...

He's such a beautiful dog!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

He's a cutie pie!!! We have ordered a special kit for Simcha's ears on-line (they make a special silicon mold and it's very comfortable and lightweight to wear). I'll let you know how it works out (the taping method didn't work out).

La Cabeza Grande said...

I think it's so sweet that his favorite toy was Biko's. One way or another, they never leave us.