Friday, June 18, 2010

Handspun Friday - Mixed Blessings Fiber Club 2nd installment

I was going to show you a different finished handspun yarn today, but I realized the photos of it are on my laptop, and that is in repair right now. So my son hooked up the desktop again, and I've now some new photos here too.
Anyway, this is as the title says, FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber Club, Spring/Summer 2nd installment. It's superwash Merino fiber.

FCK-MBFC Spring-Summer 2010-2nd installment-sw merino-10oz-2-ply-3
This yarn was made from this fiber:

FCK-MBFC Spring-Summer 2010-2nd installment-sw merino-10oz

I like the lighter finished yarn better. I'm still having a hard time spinning sw merino, or merino evenly. It's a little thick/thin. The lighter skein is 176yds, and the darker is 177yds. It's 2-ply. Together it's from 10oz of fiber. Don't know yet what I'll make with it. These two skeins took forever to dry. Maybe also because it was so humid around here, didn't help either.

The singles were really strong, because while I was plying the darker colorway, Denny bumped into me and the lazy kate, while being chased by Happy. He grabbed a strand and ran with it. I could get it out of his mouth without it breaking off. It was a little wet though. He did grab a predarfted roll of this fiber as well, when I was spinning it, but after I got it back from him, I used every torn, and wet bit of it.
What he learned from this? That it's not a good idea to grab fiber at any time, because there's going to be a monster after him, foaming at the mouth, screaming like a banshee, and blowing smoke too (yes, that's me). Nothing makes me go crazy like that, than stealing fiber or yarn!

The landscape guys are DONE! Now I'm waiting for the pool guys to open the pool before I'll take picture to show you the before and after.

I'm really annoyed by all this moving my things around. I can't find a thing! I'm looking for my newest sock book and can't find it. I must have shipped it off to storage with the last box, can't think were it should be otherwise. Darn it!
I've finished up the Daernerys shawl, it's blocking and drying right now. I've been feeling like knitting socks, so I cast on for some. Didn't work out, ripped back, and cast on for another pair. Same thing, didn't make it far past the cuff. So then I changed pattern again and now I'm knitting socks, but not the ones I wanted to knit. So annoying!

And since you liked the last sleeping picture of the pups, here are some more:

May 7- first nap of the day-3
While I love them when they are sleeping, they do make me laugh too. Yesterday they chased each other through the house, while I was in the kitchen, when I heard a train coming - Denny ( imagine the sound of an oncoming steam train) -barreling around the corner from the hall. He ran behind my chair and hid, looking in the direction of the hall for Happy to come after him, who took his sweet time. It's hard to describe but it was so human, how they played.

Denny also figured out how to open the plastic container where we keep the dog food. It's got a snap closure, and now that I've turned the container around, he just drags it out, turns it around so he can get to the closure and open it. What that means for him is, that now he's got to be in the crate whenever I can't watch him for sure. Just penning him in the kitchen just doesn't do it anymore. Happy just stands by and watches. He's not so obsessed with food anymore (was was like that when he was younger). That brings me to something else food related. How do you know you've got a puppy on your hands? As long as they like bananas, they are young greedy pups who will eat anything. At least that's what all our dogs did. Happy turns up his nose when I offer him a banana, and Denny swallows it in one gulp. I'm also thinking twice next time I want to share raw Kohlrabi with them! They love it, but the gas they produce after eating it is deadly!

May 13-4

close up of this:

May 13-2

Well off we go into a hot and humid weekend! Have a great one!



2paw said...

Denny is far too clever for his own good!!! Happy must be a god brother and they just look so sweet all asleep and quiet together. Oh all my dogs ahve loved banana!! They must all ahve been gluttons!!!
I hate losing things too, I can't find my mix master beaters: how can they be lost after just a new oven???

Freyalyn said...

You have described me teaching my pupz not to grab yarn/fibre! They now don't touch it when I'm around, although they sometimes come up for a cuddle and then walk away with something wound around a leg - they stop to be untangled! But the cat killed a ball of handspun singles yesterday - it took me an hour to unwind it into more balls than it started out with.

susannasplace said...

Ja so ein Umbau ist nervend. Ich hasse die Sucherei dann genauso wie Du. Aber Du musst immer denken, es ist bald vorbei und dann hast Du ein noch schöneres zu Hause ab jetzt.

Die Boys sind ja mal wieder absolut göttlich :)

Liebe Grüsse
Susi und Lilly

momsue84 said...

I just love your pics and stories about Denny and Happy! What a pair! I'll bet they make you laugh a lot. Denny is just too smart for his own good. So adorable when the snuggle together!

Anonymous said...

Hej Monika, when this little monster nervs you, he just do it, because you act exactly like he expects you to act ;oD. In this case I would nerve you too! (if I were a dog) My little one does it two, because she knows my wool is forbidden zone ;oD, but I try to call her "patiently" back as if the wool doesn't belong to me. And it works!! For her it's not funny this way!

Liebe Grüsse Hanne, CH.(Super schöne Wolle hast Du gesponnen!)

CelticCastOn said...

Your on the home stretch now. You'll be enjoying your new backyard so very soon. Mr. Denny is a smart little monkey!It's a good thing Happy doesn't play along, you really would be up to your eyeballs in it.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

yes yes very beautiful handspun.
But those puppies! Gawd they're gorgeous.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like the lighter one better too!

I love how the boys sleep snuggled up together. The cats occassionally do it -but not very often.

I'm on pins and needles to see your Daenerys!

MiA said...

Your yarns are GORGEOUS!! I like the blue one better - the shadings are sooo beautiful :))

Toby said...

Those handspun skeins make are lovely as a pair. I really like how the lighter one turned out too - I couldn't picture how it would spin up, but now I see the little bits of color make for subtle colors in the mostly off-white skein.

knottygnome said...

ooh, i love the handspun. the coordinating skeins are awesome

Michelle said...

I'm still thinking about plying mine together. I have some time to decide though! It's moments like the cuddling time that make you keep the yarn eating heathens. :-)

Virginia G said...

So cute!

Love the spun fiber, too.

I like the darker one better, at least from the photos.

Susan said...

You get the best sleeping dogs pics! I adore how they sleep in a heap together.

Glad to hear that the renos are almost done. Your life will become sane again really soon.

SNOWBIRD said...

As much as I like to see all of your knitting projects, I like to read about the puppies even more. They are so cute!

Gloria Patre said...

I love both! They're beautiful colors! But if I had to pick a favorite, I think I'd go with the lighter. It has such a subtle coloring - very unique!

Frieda said...

It's always interesting to see how the colours play out in the yarn once it's spun . I wouldn't have expected as much black in the darker skein from looking at the fiber . Nice !

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Both yarns are beautiful and match well together!

Linda said...

Beautiful yarn, I like the darker one best. I have a hard time with merino. I have bought a load of it to get practicing on soon ... I am determine to conquer it!

Anonymous said...

Unglaublich schön Monika und ich weiß jetzt gar nicht, wie ich meine beiden spinnen will. Genauso wie Du oder zusammen, was ich eigentlich vorhatte. Mir gefällt das hier soooooooooooo gut! :)

sei lieb gegrüßt

Kathy... said...

Those pups of yours. Could they be any cuter???!!!! Sigh....

Really wish I had that fiber selection....I opted out this go-around. Darn!