Thursday, May 06, 2010


May 4-8

I told Denny, if he doesn't behave, I'll give him back.

May 4-1


May 4-3

Of course he doesn't know me well enough yet, so he does not know that I was KIDDING!

Thanks everyone for your input on having male dogs, or just several dogs in your family. I know we do all we can to make it work. I especially liked the bowling ball into bottles game! I'd never have thought of something like that, but they do like balls, and they like bottles. One things for sure, having to use their brains, makes them tired! :o)

Yesterday morning, when we first went outside to play, Happy ran over Denny while going after his Frisbee. Denny's front leg was hurt, and I was afraid it was serious. We kept him off his feet for a while, and after the first try he still limped. After another half hour though he was fine, if a little tired, but that must be the booster shot.

There's always something going on with these two! Never boring!

Happy March 10 at bedtime-1

Happy's probably thinking, that I should get my camera out of his face, since HE's ready to sleep!



2paw said...

I tell Lorelai Gilmore I will send her back to the farm but she just looks at me and runs away!! Denny is so very cute and I love his colouring. Oh it is such a worry when they play rough and tumble and someone gets hurt. Glad they are both OK. My word Happy, what big eyes, nose, ears etc you have!!!!!

Freyalyn said...

Denny has speckled legs! Hadn't noticed before.

I threaten my two all the time - well, it makes me feel better. And I have just been informed that Lunil has craunced another one of MY pens this morning. It's always my stuff. *sigh*.

Anonymous said...

Was für ein cooles Foto !!! Das auf dem Sofa meine ich. Und wer kann solchen Augen wiederstehen ???

LG Eva

wolltrunken said...

Der Kleine hat Dich bestimmt genau verstanden und macht sich jetzt extra suess - wer koennte diesem Blick widerstehen!

Das erste Foto ist wirklich ein Bild fuer die Goetter. Und Happy wird anscheinend jetzt doppelt schnell erwachsen.

Das wird schon mit den beiden...

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit

CelticCastOn said...

ack they are both so cute. When Boss gets himself in trouble I tell him i'm going to hang him up on the washing line by his toe nails.... can't you just picture that?? He's not a bit worried, he knows I'm a sucker for his big flat top.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Both of them are so adorable! I just noticed how speckley Denny's paws are - too cute!

Michelle said...

I like to tell Nimitz that he came with a lifetime warranty and can be returned at any time. He looks so sad though that I don't do it very often. I love those nose on shots of dogs like you did with Happy and maybe Denny will now know to move quickly when he sees a big white dog running at him!

Linda said...

Hi Monika, I am so enjoying your dog posts. I would love a dog but being out at work most days wouldn't be good. Please could you email me about the handspun yarn for your Greek friend, thank you. x

Sharon V said...

I have a cat so I don't know how helpful anything I say would be, but I've threatened Miss Kitty with kitty cat reform school and kitty cat prison and kitty cat heaven.

Six hears later she hasn't visited any of those places, but she has a better understanding of the word 'no'.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It occurred to me that I might enjoy teaching Simcha to track. Maybe that's something you can teach these two and it will give Denny a "purpose" in life :)

susannasplace said...

Seit wann muss man sich als Hundejunge benehmen? Sowas aber auch... poor Dennyboy :)

Ich glaube, die beiden wissen ganz genau, wie sie Dich um den Finger wickeln *hahaha*

Ganz liebee Grüsse

Susan said...

Oh, those puppy pics are just too cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the doggie pictures! I especially like Denny's spotted front paws/legs. I hadn't noticed that before. Very cute.

One more thought: have you thought about doggie day care when Denny gets a little older? That would allow him to burn off a lot of energy. Even one afternoon a week might help him.

kitkatknit said...

One thing that tires out our 6 month old Juneau (Great Dane) is a "workout" at Home Depot. We go up and down every aisle. Stops and sits at each end. Left turns, right turns, come arounds. Sits for each group of new people that may want to talk. Close stands if I am waiting on something or checking out.