Monday, May 03, 2010

Burning Stripes socks # 3

3rd pair of burning stripes socks finished-3

This is the final pair, but just for now. I'll knit more of those in the future. Probably a couple of pairs for Hannah as well, since she liked hers very much. By the way, it took only a week to get the package from here to Sydney, Australia (compared to a package of fiber from the US I've been waiting for over a month now, and it's still not here). That's good timing.

3rd pair of burning stripes socks finished-8
See the beautiful contrasting stripe down the back, along the heel, and along the sole? It's not adding any pressure, you can't feel it at all.

specs as before:
pattern: Burning stripes socks by Susan Luni

yarn: green color: Regia, color # 1254, and some left over yarn dyed by Maggie of Dyed in the Wool Handmade

needles: 2.5mm DP
size: for my feet (11)
start-finish: April 6-12

3rd pair of burning stripes socks finished-7
They have this edge, because they just jumped off the sock blocker, and the stripe IS in the middle of the sock (well one stitch over actually).

3 pairs of burning stripes socks done-2

So here are the first three pairs done, before Hannah asked me to knit the forth pair for her:

4 pairs of Burning stripes socks done-2
Here are all four of them. Lovely sight. :o)

Just one picture of each pup today:
April 21 - Denny 2

They DO sleep separately sometimes too. Bottoms up here, head down, as if he needs more blood in his head!

April 28-Happy after playing Frisbee-2
Tired but happy Happy, right after a play of Frisbee, on the cool, but ugly kitchen tiles (soon to be gone). We'll be having a major renovation going on in our house. Fun times ahead (not).

I have to say though, that Denny has calmed down a bit. I'm not as freaked out as I was in the beginning. He's got a different personality as our WGS's before him, that's for sure, but I think with help, we can make a decent dog out of him yet! :o)
He's definitely going to be the Alpha dog, no way around that. Looks like Happy already accepted that. Happy is just a sweet, mellow, goof, a sensy who lets himself get pushed around. We do have one on one time, and he enjoys it as much as I do.

Good news too! On Saturday I was able to spin about one hour in two sessions. During the first 15 minutes, Denny was beside me, looking interested, trying to steal the fiber twice, but soon got bored, and into trouble. The rest of the time he slept in my sons room. Boy did that feel good to sit and spin again!
I've tried spinning on Sunday too, but after five minutes, he was just too rambunctious to continue.

Now back to folding boxes, and packing up the content of our house as well as possible. It's like moving without actually moving, but all the work.



Alexandra said...

Beautiful socks! I love them all :) The new ones look like little watermelons. I will definitely knit the pattern, it's so pretty!

picperfic said...

those socks are seriously good! I must add them to my ravelry queue!

Ann said...

I am just so fascinated of your burning socks. I must soon knit a pair.

wanderrast said...

Sie sind so hübsch anzuschauen,
und in wirklich jeder Farbe schön.
Liebe Grüße Elfi

Pat said...

Beautiful pile of socks! I'm waiting for a socks slot to open up in my knitting - I think I'll start these as soon as I finish Dave's - I'd like to make about 10 pairs and use up some leftovers, but I'm not as good as you at multiples of the same pattern.

lexa said...

Those socks are too cool! Love all of them, especially the new ones -- I love green.

2paw said...

I love your pile of striped socks!! I love the way the colours in the stripes change!!
I am so glad Denny is being less of a worry and settling into your family. He is so sweet, and I love Happy's long, languid pose. He looks a bit worn out!!!

lexa said...

Those socks are too cool! Love all of them, especially the new ones -- I love green.

CelticCastOn said...

ahhhh I sooo want to knit these socks now, thanks!!!
I hope your reno goes smoothly and you don't have too much upheaval, do we get to see the transformation??
Loving your pup pics, such handsome boys.

Michelle said...

Those are definitely some summer watermelon socks! That's good about Denny letting you spin. Hopefully he'll learn soon that the wheel being out means that it's time for a nap. Good luck with your renovations. I'm sure it'll be worth all the trouble when it's done!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks! And your pups are just beautiful. :)

Toby said...

I was thinking of the latest pair as Spring Tulips, but I like Michelle's interpretation too.

I've been mulling over my sock yarn stash and what combinations would look striking in this pattern.

La Cabeza Grande said...

Those socks are quite something! I love what you did with the heel. Very pretty.

Kathy... said...

I just love those socks! I have the just need to finish the pair in progress. I spun some yarn that I was hoping to use, but I didn't get the yardage I had hoped for.... sigh....

Has Denny's paws changed colors? I didn't notice the light freckled look before. Sofee's coloration changed greatly as she left tiny puppyhood.

Susan said...

I have downloaded that sock pattern and will get to it one of these days. Your socks are so pretty!

Denny looks like he's growing like a weed.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

those ones are great too - but my fave is still the multi-fady pair

Anonymous said...

love those socks!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Nice to hear that Denny is settling in and that Happy is accepting him. Dear little Happy is a lover not a fighter.

Those are such cool socks. I'm thinking about knitting a pair....

Robin said...

Those socks are so cool!!! That Denny is one pooped puppy.

Netty said...

Wow, diese Streifensocken sehen ja toll aus!
Bin eben durch Zufall hier gelandet und komme bestimmt öfter.

Liebe Grüße, Netty

Ann said...

Love those stripey socks - they are gorgeous.