Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Brandywine finished

This is shawl # 4 for 10shawls2010. I would not say shawl, more like a kerchief, 0r triangular scarf.

Brandywine finished
I liked the design which is by Rosemary Hill, but I have to say, I did not like knitting it. I could not get it done quickly enough. Only once before had I the same feeling about knitting a shawl and that was the Flower Basket shawl by Evelyn A. Clark.
Brandywine finished

Don't ask me why, since I don't know myself. I used some Sockpixie yarn I bought some time ago, cast on with it several times, and nothing I did with it seemed right. I didn't like it with this shawl at first either, but when it was blocked and all done, I liked the colors.

Brandywine finished

here are the specs:

pattern: Brandywine by Rosemary Hill
yarn: Sockpixie BFL sock yarn, colorway "Lady in Aqua room", 450yds
needle: 4mm
size after blocking: 25" x 47"
start-finish: Feb. 28 - April 25 (did many other things in between, like knitting socks, and other shawls)

Brandywine finished
I used 324yds of the yarn, and could not bring myself to eek out another repeat. I did the 15 repeats asked for in the pattern, and could not get to the bind off fast enough. I LOVED the reverse stockinett I-cord bind off. It looks really good as finish.

I've seen really beautiful examples of this shawl on ravelry, but I don't' think I'll ever knit this shawl again.



Anonymous said...

But luckily there are so many wonderful shawl patterns out there that you never have to knit the same one twice!

Cloudberry said...

It's beautiful even though you didn't like knitting it!
And like freyalyn said - there is so many other patterns out there ;)

momsue84 said...

I'm sorry you didn't like the knitting of this shawl because the results are gorgeous! I know how you feel, though. At least, you stuck it out. I would have frogged. And, as you say, so many other patterns out there.

Marissa said...

Well, it may not have been an enjoyable knit, but the result is stunning. I love the colors as well. Here's hoping that the next one will be more fun!

knottygnome said...

it looks beautiful. congrats on soldiering through

Robin said...

The shawl is lovely. I plan to make it bigger. Will I need medication?

Anonymous said...

Its a beautiful shawl, and I've made it twice, but I know what you mean it just did not go fast enough, and it wasn't that enjoyable.

Romi said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy knitting it. It's lovely nonetheless. :)

Alexandra said...

What a shame you didn't enjoy making it. It is very pretty! I probably would have left it half-knit hidden somewhere in my closet; good for you for finishing it! :)

Walden said...

I think you have a wonderful eye for colorways that match up well with patterns. I consistently love the look of the shawls you knit up.

Michelle said...

It's a nice edging. I decided last week that I don't really enjoy lace shawls so I have to get all my shawl enjoyment from you!

Susan said...

Oh, and of course the Flower Basket shawl is one of the patterns that I thought I would use to 'break into' shawl/lace knitting.

I think my problem with shawls is that I can't see myself actually using them much. Lovely lace and dogs seem like a disaster in the making. These days, getting dressed up means ditching the sweats for a pair of jeans.

Jody said...

Beautiful shawl! I have experienced the same thing with some yarns and shawl patterns. I have tried about 4 differnet shawls with this one skein of Handmaiden sea silk. I love the yarn but it never looks right knit up!

I'm glad you stuck with it though because it's beautiful!

Virginia G said...

It is gorgeous! It looks lovely. But I totally understand about not enjoying the knit. I've had a few of those.

(Herbivore, I'm looking RIGHT at you)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Very pretty. I always find it tough to find a pattern that suits multi-colour yarn, but some sort of garter stitch always seems to work out!

Anonymous said...

very pretty
PS I like reverse stockinetted I cord bind off too - I used it at the bottom of a hat.

Sharon V said...

Your shawl, as usual, is beautiful. I applaud your tenacity, and the resulting beautiful shawl.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to march on when the band has stopped playing (Seascape). I caved, and then I frogged.

Knatolee said...


Carrie K said...

It's beautiful but isn't it funny how some patterns/yarns just don't work? I have the hardest time w/variegated yarns.