Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MY boys!

May 1-27
Hi boys!

I've got so many photos to share, because the boys are always so cute, or so wild and I take a lot of photos. Not so much outside, because everything goes so fast. and I have my hands full. Anyway.

May 1-25

We got Denny for my son, and it looked like they hit it off the first few days, but as time went by it was clear, that Denny had adopted me as HIS person. So now I'm walking around with TWO shadows. This is lovely, and this is exhausting, and sad for my son. I really didn't want another dog, I had Happy. This might have been one of the reason why I freaked out a few weeks ago, but recently I've come to accept it, and everything goes a little smoother now.

May 1-22

Well, that and consistent behavior on our part, to bring routine in our life again, where both pups are comfortable, as well as us!

May 1-20

I used to read a LOT before I took up knitting etc. again. 3-5 books a week. When we got Denny one book popped into my mind "The 5th Child" by Doris Lessing. I've read that book over a decade ago, and it was a big surprise for me that I would remember it. Well, I thought Denny reminded me of this 5th child.

We called him Gremlin, little monster, and what not, and today it's Baby, Denny boy, or Dennis the Menace when he's bad. I also call him Mr. Wiggles in the morning, when he wiggles so hard, to greet me, that he could easily kiss his own butt, if he were so inclined.

May 1-17

I know it's a lot about Denny these days, but believe me, Happy is always right beside him and me, not always being the shy and good one, but I would say they start their fights 50/50 of the time. Happy is at the moment totally going backwards with everything, learning from Denny instead of the other way around, and he's obviously enjoying being a puppy a second time around. How many get the chance to do that?

I've never used so much paper kitchen towels in my life as in the last two month! Not only do we clean up Denny's messes, which thankfully get fewer by the days, but also to dry the dogs off, when they come inside wet. It's better than my old towels! And, like Happy did, Denny loves to splash in the water bowl, but he pushes it until it splashes over,and then he licks the water on the floor, while Happy dug like crazy with the same wet effect.

Today you'll see those two, not being cute, but having one of their fights. Don't worry, Happy just looks fearsome with his wonderful white teeth, but Denny is just laughing at him, not taking him seriously at all.

Yesterday I made brussel sprouts after Cindy's recipe (which was very good). I did give each dog ONE brussel sprout, and how did they thank me? They made my eyes tear up, but not in a good way. Oh boys!

And never before have I needed so many treats! If I give one to one boy, the other one wants one too, and of course nothing is free, so I have to ask both every time to do something for me to get one. I think raising these two is a full time job. :o)

May 1-13

Oh, don't give me that look! You can't fool me! :o)


Herta Haunschmid /quer durchs leben said...

Hallo Monika!
Deine 2 scheinen ja schon sehr gute Freunde zu sein wie man auf diesen Bildern gut sehen kann.

Mir geht es jetzt Gott sei Dank wieder gut da ich zum Teil schon ohne Krücken unterwegs bin.

Ganz viele liebe Grüße
aus Freistadt

ikki said...

Ou I be always as happy as man can be when I see You "boys". They are so cute! I love them!
Giv them a hug from me...

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Your dogs are to die for. I am sitting here laughing aloud over and over. I first followed your blog for all the beautiful knitting but if you never showed another knitted thing, I'd be here with bells on for these mad puppies. No, no, not really, thank goodness for your knitting and your dogs and your sharing of all the bits you love to share.

Freyalyn said...

Oh my, they are both desperately cuddlesome. And that innocent chest-thrust-out-aren't-I-lovely pose from Denny in the last photo. And Happy is obviously having *such* a good time. Thank you for sharing with me.

2paw said...

I love your pictures of The Boys!! They look so sweet and wicked at the same time. I know Happy is playing, Vundy would show all her teeth to Peri when she was a pup, but Peri was as safe as houses!!
Sorry about the sprout incidents!!
Dogs can count and measure with their eyes, and hear crinkly paper at a huge distance!!
So sweet when they are asleep!!

hannah said...

I hardly can keep up with reading all your lovely stories! I am sorry you haven't heard anything from me lately.

I guess you are very busy with those two boys around all day. Is that a shoe they have there?!

Love all the yarn and knitwork you wrote about very much!!

Martina said...

Liebe Monika,

ich liebe Deine Geschichten von Deinen beiden Hunden. Und die Bilder dazu sind einfach herrlich :-).


momsue84 said...

I can so hear the love in your words! It happens in our house,too. We get a dog for our son and it bonds to me. Every time. Wonderful pictures!

Virginia G said...

Oh, they're so cute!

I always cracked up at the fearsome foursome (my parent's doggie pack) when they would have these vicious looking snarl and snap fests, while carefully not connecting with teeth. They were so funny. It was like watching a stunt dog fight.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Monika! 2 just sooo normal "killerdogs" ;oD, just like mine! If I can find my Photos, I'll show them to you! Just enjoy your 2! Krabble sie beide hinter den Ohren von mir!


CelticCastOn said...

So cute so cute! Happy definitely has the GS snarle down pat.
Can you take video?? Ohhh we need video of this wrestling duo!
I've been meaning to borrow mum's camera so I can get a click of B and M going crazy, its like the clash of the titans!

Marissa said...

I can't think of a more perfect name for that dog-his personality comes right through your camera...I can't imagine how strong it must be in person. He cracks me up! What a ray of sunshine for you!

lexa said...

My girls are my shadows. They love their dad and the boys, but they are definitely Momma's girls. (Which is probably logical since I spend more time at home with them than anyone else. And I feed them, walk them, clean up after them....) If I end up out on the sofa for the night or in another room for the night they come with me.

I never noticed before, but Denny looks like he has socks on, the way his paws are speckled!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My My Happy - what big teeth you have. I LOVE these pictures! My cat makes a mess with her water bowl too... drives me crazy!

Karen said...

You will miss these puppy days when they are gone. Just think of him as a two-year-old. My sister got a puppy this year who, for some reason, is absolutely in love with me. I only see her every few weeks and I've never given her any special treats but for whatever reason, she has decided I am her best friend. And I love her back.

Susan said...

I'm giggling as I write. I could have predicted that Denny would bond to you. Almost always, mom becomes the alpha because she's the one around most of the time doing the necessary stuff for the dogs.

Give it a year or so and you won't believe that Denny's puppyhood was so much work. He will grow up to be a gentleman. You will have two faithful shadows for a very long time. It's nice that Happy is still young enough to enjoy Denny's puppy antics.

SeattleAmy said...

Great job on the dedication! It's the best way to end up with a well adjusted member of the household!

Your first picture of Denny sitting on Happy with the tip of Happy's tongue out? That's a perfect picture of a tongue flick! They can be hard to catch in real life, much less on camera!!

TracyKM said...

They're adorable together!
I can't imagine using paper towels to clean up the pee/poop messes! We're just not into disposible things here. I use microfiber towels that I get at Canadian Tire (much cheaper and better than the ones at the dollar store). They absorb so much from the carpet, that when I come back with a wet one to clean, I sometimes can't find the spot because it's no longer wet, LOL. Then I throw it in a basket by the washing machine and in with regular laundry!
I was wondering how housetraining is going...I think we were extremely well blessed with our first dog...or we've just totally forgotten, LOL!!! And just like human babies, just when you think you've got a good routine/schedule/habit, they change it up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the makes my teeth hurt.

Unknown said...

I know it's a lot of work raising 2 puppies and you're probably not thinking that life is a bowl of cherries right now, but your dogs CRACK ME UP!

They are funny, spirited and, I believe, they love you to bits and pieces. Keep up the good work and we'll all pray for a good outcome - two wonderfully obedient dogs.

Michelle said...

What a bunch of trouble makers! Cute trouble makers though. It's too funny that your sandal is next to Happy. I guess he still likes it?

wolltrunken said...

Sweet boys!!!

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit

Carrie K said...

Not Ben! I could never figure out if he was a misunderstood caveman or just wrong. You boys are soooo cute.

Charlene said...

omg....i haven't even read your post. I just was captivated by the pictures, and I literally laughed out loud looking at them. Two rambunctious boys!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I just love the photos of your 4-footed children. How they grow and interact and how they impact the lives of your family.

As for the older learning from the younger, the same thing happened here when my senior kitty learned some behaviours from the much younger one instead of the other way around.

T-Mom said...

Cute. Cute, cute, cute! :)